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Prometheus the Giant Slayer

Prometheus is a character from Mission to Rayche, the third chapter of the Sanctum of the Archmage series of role-playing game modules for Neverwinter Nights. Mission to Rayche is still in development.

Prometheus Antonos, also known as Prometheus the Giant-Slayer, is a member of the renowned adventuring group, The Heroes of Glorn. He was sent by the Magistrate of Glorn as an emissary from the Free City-States of Landis to coordinate the hasty marshalling of the Landissian and Raychian armies at the mouth of Stonegate pass. He can be found in the King’s Throne room and the player can talk to him about his adventures, and the lands of Landis and Glorn. He adventured with Nimrod and will recognize it if the player is wearing Nimrod’s Ring.

Prometheus is a large and powerfully muscled fighter who wields a huge battle hammer named Iron Thunder. He also has bright green hair, the result of opening a cursed door in a dungeon on one of his adventures. He affects a pronounced “tough guy” manner, but has a keen intellect and a highly developed sense of honor. Prometheus can join the party during the endgame sequence (for the Find the Traitor quest). As a henchman he’s a ranger with giants and demons as his racial enemies.


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