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Kalara - The Lands of the Children
The world of the Sanctum of the Archmage Saga is known as Kalara. The reasons lie within its oldest traditions and legends.
  Kalara’s many peoples all retain a remarkably cohesive origin story. In one form or another they tell of a prehistorical golden age, or Age of Legends, in which they were brought from other worlds to live in harmony with a race of beneficent deities. These gods cared for and watched over them, until their idyllic paradise was shattered by an invasion from the hell-realms of the demons.
  The Great War ravaged Kalara — but in the end, the gods prevailed. The power of the demon armies was broken, and their survivors were driven to the far corners of the world. And although they eventually left to return to their homes in the heavens, the gods rewarded the people for their loyalty. Their gift in the elder tongue is called A’lessa Kalar, the Covenant of the Children.
  It is this covenant, which lay at the heart of Kalaran religion for thousands of years, that inspired the name by which the world has come to be known. Kalara, in the elder language of the elves, means the Land of the Children.
  The name is often used to refer to the world as a whole, as opposed to the nameless worlds from which its people were once thought to have come, or from the heaven and hell worlds of the gods and the demons. Yet it is also used to refer to the great continent of Kalara. It spans the known lands between the Adaran Ocean to the east and south, and the Walls of the World to the west.
  Kalara is home to many diverse cultures and a striking variety of sentient races. Dragons, giants, and other fantastical creatures, both friendly and malevolent, all vie with men and elves for dominance over its lands. And while legend holds that the demon lords were driven from the world, not all of their servants shared that fate. Though long banished to the harsh mountains and wastes of the far north and west, these terrible fiends present a never-ending threat to the Children of the Covenant.   All information about the World of Kalara and the Sanctum of the Archmage Saga is Copyright © 2021 by Tony Andarian, all rights reserved.