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Feeding the Crows

Feed it when it comes to the door, and it will reward you well
— A Chershe word of wisdom
  Crows are omens, but they can be easily appeased with food. As emmisaries of the 13 Sisters, they were embued with holy wisdom and an ability to see both past and future. Depending on opinion, they are the 13 sisters in other forms, though many will argue about that until they turn blue in the face.   A good Cershe person feeds them every day. Fruit and nuts, mainly, but anything will do - they will eat anything. A distance away, is the common wisdom, otherwise negative energy, ochóshoi, may enter your house. You can tell if you've appeased them enough; they will begin to bring you gifts. It's a good idea for a Mishee to bless them, too, to keep up their protection.  

Outsider's Views

For many of the Izij, who venture up the mountains, the attatchment to corvids or birds in general is quite alien. Birds are generally dirty in the eyes of the Izij, only higher than insects and pigs in the order of things. They also break away from the natural order of things, they can fly, they can be free.   Ugane Missionaries are also unnerved by crow-adoration. They are Kastav's representitives and are in turn associated with punishment and ocasionally death depending on sect.  

Venad's Experience

She tells me to feed Gingeng every day I leave the house. Her nest is not too far from the workshop and not so far from us all. Chenja Gurd says it knows something of her, why else would it come on our wedding day? When she first told me, I worried of it. A crow on a wedding day? A priest from home, my old friend, they'd say that this union is cursed. But she simply sat for a while, stared and told me to appease the creature.   Echa always passes me nuts on my way out the door, as she yells half in Uganic, half in Ofwóoióza. Always, like clockwork.   And I feed it like clockwork. They truly are like the Mishee, always wanting more. Though unlike them, they gives gift in return. This crow always greets me with some sort of affection. My wife says it's a sign that union is blessed.


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