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150 words

According to my friend, there isn't a schoolchild in Pani Puri who cannot quote the 150 words verbatim. Even now, he can.
Anolf Oshtafan
  ‘The 150 words’ is the name given to a speech by the legendary Zana Drana Punomo during the Independence War. While Pani Puri immortalises many of his speeches in history books and in the modern Zeitgeist, perhaps these words stand most clearly.  


On the 25th day of the 5th month of the year 1844, Drana Punomo’s troops were in Hizi Pas' territory already. Because of the long marches, many soldiers deserted or died. So, to maintain morale, Drana’s generals pushed him to speak. The story says that he retired for a little while then came out to give a speech in front of his Akha. Rather than the usual long, eloquent and rambling speeches he gave, he simply said the 150 words that are immortalised today.  


One of Drana Punomo’s significant achievements during his reign is bringing the Printing Press, or Rji Rime, to Pani Puri. In the historical record of the Punomo Clan’s personal printing press, there was a round of initial printing after the speech took place. However, copies of this initial round are rare and often in poor condition.   Over the 4 centuries since independence, there have been many prints of the 150 words from many presses. However, in recent years, as the literacy rate has skyrocketed, printed copies have been in high demand, even more with the new Takha spelling reform.

Modern Reception



Memorising and regurgitating many of Drana Punomo’s speeches are a part of the Mele usa curricular. Student often recite the 150 words as a part of the Roha, the final optional exam for those wishing to go into government or to receive an education at a Mira. For this very reason, it remains in the consciousness of Pani Puri.
Authoring Date
25th of the 5th, 1844

The Speech

"What do the spirits advise when a monarchy loses its mandate to govern? They advise for dismissal. From every Dale, from Shari to Sile, the spirits are crying for their chosen land to be free. Kasa danced her way to freedom, and we shall march our way to freedom. Our men have sworn their oaths to bleed the land white unless the emperor in his many palaces gives our land the right to rule itself without imposed taxes and plagues sent from on high. And we shall march through the heaviest rain and driest grassland to reach your armies if necessary. But if you give us our freedom, the spirits shall smile upon your crown once again. Ministers, opposing dukes, and your majesty, I wish for nothing more than to give the knee to you, but the spirits call for me to pick up my blade and howl for freedom."


Author's Notes

Decided a shorter article was necessary for the sake of getting bronze. This will defintely be expanded in future

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