Kaladas, the stolen lands, 193 AN

Kaladas The Stolen lands

193 AN ,10th of Readying

The world of Kaladas is one of rebirth.193 years ago The Uruk hordes had pushed all of civilization to its knees and would have succeeded in their utter defeat ushering in a age of darkness, when something dreadful and wonderful happened, somehow in an instant, half the population disappeared and the other half forgot anything before that moment.This time is called "Notime". In the confusion the Uruk turned in on itself while the forces of man were able to regroup and push the hordes back.
Now civilization is reclaiming its history and rewriting its destiny.Following old writings and reclaiming lands that were a mystery to all. The Uruk have been getting pushed back and new lands under their harsh treatment, recovered.
This is a land full of exploration and discovery, where racial tensions and old hatreds have been wiped clean.A place where all people can walk side by side in harmony. Go forward and help the ongoing crusade to bring the light of Law back to the stolen lands of the Uruk.