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If anything can be said about Russia and its' history it is this. No matter how bad it gets, it can always get worse. 1936, whilst not a good year, is not the worst. Though in the eighteenth year of political paralysis, most can remember a time when it was much worse. More than twenty years ago, has it really been so long? The world tore itself apart, and Russia did the same to itself. Abdication, revolution, then more revolution, then it all collapsed. When exactly did the civil war begin? It depends on who you ask, but its end in June 1920 came too late for many. Not least the Romanovs who's graves near Ekaterinburg are still undiscovered, assuming they exist. Nonetheless those who survived count themselves fortunate and have done their best to rebuild their lives and country.   In the years since Russia has gone from a shattered ruin to a modern, if dysfunctional, nation. Though losses in the west and south represented much of Russia's people and industry, what was left has since managed to rebuild into a well-to-do, though perhaps not truly prosperous, country. Despite the fact, or perhaps because of it, that most have been left to their own devices by a government paralysed by division and disunity. Though the Whites won the civil war, they had always been united by an opposition to the Reds rather than any common creed. No sooner had the guns fallen silent over Moscow than the union of Generals, Admirals, Politicians, Republicans, Monarchists, Liberals, Conservatives, and even Menshevicks all split apart. Trying to take Russia in their direction with little thought of compromise from anyone. Even this though, is to oversimplify. The republicans divided over "what kind of republic?" the conservatives over "how conservative?" the liberals over "how liberal?" and the monarchists over "what monarchy?" assuming they could get passed the question of "who?". The civil war had devastated the imperial family more than any other and the survivors couldn't agree on who the rightful heir was. At the rate things are going they doubtless never will. Nor will anyone else on anything.   Yet that is not all, Russia faces very real problems from inside and out. The Bolshies, now "Soviets" have spent years terrorising the people of Russia, safe in the Georgian stronghold deep within the Caucasus. Lashing out in rage as savage as it is feeble. Often at mid-ranking officials, always at Kerensky, and for all the times that they fail, the need only get lucky once. To say nothing of a Turkey hell bent on vengeance, for wounded pride if nothing else; a Germany determined to make sure Russia can never again become a threat; a Japan who's leaders are as divided as Russia's, yet may be able to bend their nation to a terrible purpose; and last, though far from least, there was him. Brooding out in Mongolia. The white general who turned the snows red. The Mad Baron, The Bloody Baron, Sternberg, ostensibly on the side of the whites in the civil war. Yet they feared him as much as the reds had done. He's a brave man oh yes, no doubt about that. Yet... can a man who fears nothing be brave? Or is he simply mad? What grand schemes are he planning? When, if, he returns to Russia? What then?   Well, that things need to change, all can agree, at least, on that much.
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War, albeit with an unofficial ceasefire several years long.

Since the fall of Moscow, Communist government in the former Russian Empire has been restricted to Transcaucasia. However the communists see present Russian government as illegitimate, but they are too weak to attack even the paralysed Russian Republic


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