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Kaiserreich Chronicles (1936 AD.)

5th May 1936 AD

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Inspired by the Kaiserreich modification for Hearts of Iron 4 and my own whimsical imaginings. This world is an alternate history of what may have happened had the First World War not gone quite as we imagined. Up until Easter 1916; all is as it was. However all changes in May: when the British respond with "unusual judicial proceedings necessary to the present situation in Ireland". Trying the leaders of the rebellion in secret, without jury or defence, and sentencing many to death in a series of scandalous court martials. The breaking point comes on the night of the 13th May, when Brigadier Michael Collins attacked Kilmainhan Gaol. Despite the strong British forces in the city the "wee hours raid" successfully broke out several prisoners. Including the last two prisoners due to be "executed" at dawn. Constance Markievicz, and Eamon de Valera.
This would be the first of several events that, over the coming years, would lead to a narrow defeat for the Allies. Revolution in Russia, France, and Great Britain. The collapse of Italy and the Ottoman Empire; with the federalisation of the Austro-Hungarian Empire. An economic collapse followed by a short recovery and decade of prohibition and decadence now a distant memory in America, as bitter rivalries divide the country deeper than ever. The ascendency of the German Empire over Europe; new nations arise between Germany and a broken Russia, at the latter's expense of course; and much more.
Our story pick up 20 years later in May 1936: in Canada, the King is dead; in Rome, The Holy Father is dying; in America, elections loom; in Berlin, the stock market falters; in Dublin, the past is remembered; in Spain, everyone plots; in Australasia, revolution stirs; in Kabul, war approaches; in China, it's still a mess; in Tokyo, the Emperor reigns and the army rules, when not at war with the navy; in Mexico City, terror collects its debts; in Tiflis, terror pays its' dues as in Ekaterinburg a woman goes to market; and, on another frustrating day in Petrograd where the "Acting Head of the Provisional Government" Alexander Kerensky "The Most Unfortunate Man in All-Russia", is, even by his own standards, about to have a very bad day.