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Nicholas Romanov

Nicholas Pavlovich (Patronym) Romanov (a.k.a. Nicky)

Age: 15, Date of Birth: O.S 25th March 1921, (N.S. 12th April 1921) Parents: Paul and Anna Romanov; Married 7th June 1920 (Well that didn't take long).     Turning fifteen just a few weeks ago, Nicholas is the first of several children in his family, and also one of the last in Russia who's birthday was recorded in the old Julian Calendar. By all accounts his upbringing has been a happy, and largely uneventful one. The most exciting incidents apperently being an attack of appendicitis when he was 7, which saw a quick recovery, and, a few years later, breaking his finger on a door frame in his home. He was running indoors, yet quite how he managed this no one seems to understand. Such is often the case with childhood injuries.   Nicholas's upbring has, of course, been defined by his family. His parents are happily married and both cosider themselves to be parents first and foremost over anything else. As the eldest, he takes his responsibility for his younger siblings very seriously, a trait which, once his mum had convinced him to stop trying to keep them all within eyesight at all times ("he has to sleep sometime after all" A. Romanova to Guardsman Major A. Serafimovich) .   A good natured and intelligent young man, he is well liked by his peers and his siblings. The lattter of whom will often ask him to play with them or help them, usually with homework or to get in and out of trouble in the case of his brother Alex. Who's arrival was a welcome one Nicholas, who was decidedly outnumbered by his sisters, though Nicholas has since learned that siblings of any kind come with a few burdens, even after they're out of their nappies, perhaps especially. Though he has also learned they have their virtues, or at least uses, when dad is doting on one of them and he has to dig himself out of a hole that he insists he never dug for himself.   Most days he attends the local school, though late in arriving as his mum preferred to home school him and his siblings for a few years before sending them out into the world. When he did arrive though he fit in quite well as most of his classmates were neighbours of one form or another. His family being both influential and popular didn't help either. He is a capable, hard working student, considerate of his peers, and generally well liked as a kind, intelligent, reasonable young man. Though any would be bullies of his younger siblings would strongly disagree with that sentiment, whilst carefully avoiding him as best he can. He was once sent home for punching a fellow student who pulled his sister's hair. He has also had to be disciplined for openly threatening others on the basis of either factual or rumoured incidents involving bullies and his siblings. This has not been the case for some time though.   These are the only incidents of note on an otherwise fairly clean record in school. Outside of which he can be found playing games or simply socialising with friends and family, learning from his dad how the various family businesses are run, or taking a hand in running them himself during the holidays. With close supervision of course.   Exactly what awaits him in the future is not certain, it is likely he will live locally and work alongside his father in his various concerns. It can never be said that the future is set in stone, but he has a bright one ahead of him if he plays his cards right, and he has a good hand.

Physical Description

General Physical Condition

Generally in good physical condition for a teenager, fairly tall, and starting to fill out as he approaches adulthood. He has no known long term health conditions, rabbits make him sneeze but that doesn't bother him when he's eating them.

Physical quirks

Will often stand with his hands behind his back, in a (likely) unconcious imitation of his father. Who often affects a casual manner almost by instinct courtesy of his experiences as an army officer.

Mental characteristics


He has been home schooled by his mum in addition to attending the local village school. In general he is a capable student, provided he works. He has a talent for languages, enjoys music, but struggles in maths, well, he has to work to get to his usual standard.


During the holidays he will now often be found working odd jobs here and there, or following his father round learning about the various family businesses.

Failures & Embarrassments

He once broke his finger running though a door, not exaclty the biggest mistake anyone has ever made, but trying to explain it to his friends, and Svetlana! That was probably the most embarrassing thing he has ever done. Certainly the most embarrassing he can remember


If he cares about someone, it's best to leave them alone, for your sake more than anything.


Contacts & Relations

He is well known and liked around his home. He gets on well with most his age, especially his next door neighbour Svetlana, who he calls, Lana.

Family Ties

He is the eldest child of his parents, he has five younger siblings born and one on the way (though he doesn't know that yet)

Religious Views

He believes in God, goes to church, says his prayers and all that, though he doesn't stand out as especially devout he does take it seriously.

Social Aptitude

While not a very loud person, he enjoys the company of others, especially those he knows. Is a decent conversationalist, a patient listener, a trait forced into him with such a large family, most who get to know him will like him and be suprised by how much he remembers of them from previous meetings. Though his table manners could do with improving.


One thing few notice about him is how rarely he speaks in conversations. He has a nack for finding questions that others take pleasure in answering. As a result he rarely talks about himself. A trait pleasing to those who notice it.

Hobbies & Pets

nicholas likes to play with his friends and siblings, especially games like football, he can also ride a bike and swim well, he also likes to read, mainly novels, and will find any excuse he can to talk to his next door neighbour Svetlana. He especially enjoys reading detective novels, especially in English to help improve his own. He also enjoys translating Shakepearian insults into Russian for use at a suitable moment.


As with the rest of the family, his mum careful to make sure he sounds well spoken and clear in his speech, without sounding like a pompous ass from Petersburg or somewhere like that. Not that anyone holds his mother's accent against her. Not simple country bumpkins like us ma'am.

Wealth & Financial state

His parents are well off, consequently so is he. As the oldest son he stands to inherit well in the future.
Current Status
Growing up, looking after his siblings, horsing around, taking on the responsibilities of adulthood, and trying not to stare at the girls to obviously.
Current Location
Date of Birth
7th April 1921 (O.S. 25th March 1921)
Date of Death
Not Yet
Year of Birth
1921 AD. 15 Years old
Circumstances of Birth
About as uneventful as a birth can be.
Circumstances of Death
Are you asking for spoilers?
Place of Death
Current Residence
Romanov House, Koptyaki.
Dark blue, often described as "expressive" by his mum.
Light brown, fairly short, longer than most of his peers.
Skin Tone/Pigmentation
Pale white, developing a tan in the summer
5' 4" (still growing)
Russian Orthodox
Known Languages
Fluent in Russian, can understand Belorussian and Ukranian fairly well. Also familliar with English and French with a smattering of German.


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