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Located nine miles north of the city of Yekaterinburg on the shore of Lake Iset lies the village of Koptyaki. For many years just another small village on the wrong side of the Urals, the people of the town made their living through farming, logging and mining. Following the Russian civil war full industrialisation has allowed these industries to florish and has given the settlement a new lease of life, or its first, quite possibly. Like much of the region the area around the village is rich in minerals which served as the catalyst for pre-industrial mining in the area, mostly in coal but other mines do exist. Full industrialisation has resulted in considerable growth in the industry and proven beneficial both for the village and the nearby city. Which serves as the village's main point of access to the outside world.
  However mining is still quite a small venture, the main focus of the villages work is in forestry and farming. There are no shortages of trees to be found near Koptyaki, and an expert industry has grown up around making use of these forests. Though disrupted by the civil war there is still much demand for timber and the foresters in the village know how satisfy such a demand while also ensuring the forests they rely on will endure for generations to come. Most work together in small cooperative endeavours, the largest of these being employed by Paul Romanov. A Weltkrieg and Civil War veteran who settled in the village afterward and used his considerable, if mysterious wealth to establish a large farming and forestry estate south of the village. Though he does not allow mining on his land no matter how profitable it would promise to be, most likely at the behest of his wife all agree. Though why no one is sure. Possibly city sentimentality, she is from Petrograd after all.
  Thus is this village moving into the modern world at last. Finally able to take full advantage of both natural resources and the benefits of a large city nearby, including train lines that run close to the village. Koptyaki has managed to make a local name for itself as a reliable source of timber, coal, grain and even days out for the inhabitants of Yekaterinburg who fancy an afternoon on the shores of Lake Iset.

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