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Lord Hilyas Genlith

The youngest of Adriel's brothers and sisters. Still beardless but eager to prove himself, he has taken to riding out in the company of Edregard the veteran warrior to keep the The Mereborne safe from bandits and other threats.


Contacts & Relations

For want of playing companions his own age, Hilyas, then barely ten years old and quite bored, began to rope in the teenaged servant Inyë for his horseback games. Inyë knew little of horses and even less of riding, but proved himself an apt learner while young Hilyas turned out to be an enthusiastic and kind, if not very patient, teacher.   However much Hilyas may or may not think back to this now, to Inyë this was a gift that he is ever grateful to the young lord for.

Current Location
The Low Keep
Year of Birth
1035 15 Years old
Aligned Organization
House Genlith

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