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If you want to find a dwarf – and you will usually find them singly – then seek out lonely places, deep in the heart of woods, far beneath the rocky skin of the mountains, high atop the highest bleakest hills. The dwarves are not sociable creatures and some say they are not a race at all but simply forces of the earth made into living beings. They are short and lump-featured and often crude and earthy in their speech and appetites. They are also master craftsmen and any artefact created by the dwarves will be beautiful beyond all others and will perform the task it is created for perfectly, or nearly perfectly. The price asked by a dwarf for one of their items is always high, and usually higher than the asker can give. A “dwarf’s bargain” is any transaction where the seller commands a higher price than is fair. A “dwarf’s gift” is something impossible or imaginary.

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