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The Titans

When the world was first created, there were only four races, enormous Titans that towered over the landscape. Each race of beings had their own continent on which to grow and flourish. The Giants lived on Iolera, the mighty Elven-Giants flourished on Usluin, Aqora was home to giant-sized dragons, and Stritos was the base of monstrously large Orcs. Each race flourished, spread, and built civilizations and means of travel. But when they encountered each other, wars broke out, huge conflicts that levelled cities and caused fields to run red with blood.   Then Xedes said, "We cannot stand by and allow this, my brethren," and all the Gods agreed. So a plan was devised, and a curse was cast, causing the once mighty races to dwindle and split into more peoples. The civilizations were destroyed by the Gods, so that all might start over again, and they were scattered across Kadeth in many small tribes, far from their kind. Thus, the Giants divided and became known as Giants, Goliaths, Humans, Dwarves, and Halflings. The Elven-Giants became the Firbolg, Elves, Tritons and Gnomes. The Giant Dragons were diminished to become Dragons, Dragonborn, and Kobolds. And the Giant Orcs split into Orcs, Hobgoblins, Bugbears, and Goblins.   But in this, the Gods did fail, for the several new races did spread and build their cities, but they also still fought amongst themselves, and the land was rocked with war once more. Yet they did not interfere, for they had learned that the children of Kadeth were as full of strife as they were of friendship and ingenuity, and the new races were left to live how they would.


"The Titans" is a widely known myth across Kadeth in various forms, especially amongst Humans, despite the fact that the continents have only been in contact with each other recently. Scholars place it as one of the earliest myths, as a first attempt to understand the relationships between all sapient beings. This has caused some to speculate that at one point, Kadeth was one large landmass.

Cultural Reception

Among Human cultures, this story is strongly believed in. It is seen as a sort of "family tree" of the major races. Other species know the story well, but are less inclined to take it as actual truth, and rather as an allegory on the violent natures of sapient species, no matter how advanced.   Species not mentioned in the myth, such as Aarakocra and Tabaxi, are dismissive of, or even hostile towards the myth. Too often it has been used to make them feel like lesser beings, or interlopers, sometimes leading to intolerance and even bigotry and hatred.
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