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Jushara: The Sundered Realms

A world recovering from millennia of chaos and strife, Jushara is the Primary setting for Hopper Crain's 5th edition Dungeons and Dragons setting. The current focal point is on the pseudo eurasian continent of Thrask, which benefits from the Mediterranean atmosphere created by the Everlake. The goal is for the setting to be race neutral, with a focus on culture and ethnicity, and divorcing High fantasy from many of its traditional roots in euro-centrism, racism, and chauvinism. All are welcome in Jushara, as long as you follow the golden rule, which in the Famous words of Matthew Colville, "Don't be a Wang-Rod"     Jushara is 5e+ in many senses, as I have kitbashed it with some additional mechanics, content and house rules. This includes the "Culture" mechanic, which provides an additional layer of character detail and world rigor. One of the most dramatic flavour features of the world is the presence of areas where time moves faster or slower, often with dramatic repercussions or even lethal consequences. Other additional content and mechanics include custom flanking, inspiration rules, and a swath of homebrew content, including spells, backgrounds, and additional character options.   Most importantly, this is a cooperative and collective story telling game, if you really want to see something, my players are always welcome to talk to me and figure out the best way to bring your character to life, so we can tell the best stories possible.   The more we play, the more content is exported to D&D beyond, making it easier to use this platform for cooperative story telling.   Currently there are several active campaigns in the world of Jushara, including:   Kyneslund: a westmarches style campaign with a large player pool, Kyneslund is a subcontinent east of Thrask that has only recently been re-discovered by the majority of the world. A hostile and unforgiving place, with many hazards, dangerous flora and fauna, Kyneslund is an ancient region steeped in history, much of it lost. Highly dangerous, and highly rewarding, are you brave enough to adventure into the wilds and discover what your fate has in store for you?   Fox Squadron: A squadron of soldiers of Eylerian Protectorate are on a desperate mission to thwart a surprise attack on the homeland, when The Rending sends them forward 1200+ years in the future, with the help of a morally questionable Goliath barbarian and a half-elf druid on a quest to save his people, they seek to find a path forward in a future that has left them behind.   Vandezant Rising: Summoned home to the Baronial Manor after the death of their mother, 5 siblings discover that their homeland is under a dark shadow, and evil has taken root. They struggle to uncover the source of this rot, uncovering dark truths and buried secrets in the process. After their father is killed by an unknown assailant, the eldest sibling Kyarascur Vandezant inherits the baronial title and all the complications with it. Starting out as a one shot, that blossomed into a full campaign, Vandezant Rising has several sub-games operating on the Legend Tree discord, and is rife with Quarellian Politics, subterfuge and ….. accounting.   The Gilded Drake: A C-grade Mercenary Company, operating out of the Free State city of Lynbrook, a new crew of recruits is brought on, to break them in they're given a simple job – a “Asset Re-Acquisition” mission. It goes well, despite a bunch of people dying and several buildings on fire, but it seems that they robbed an organization with an incredible amount of power and a deep desire to recover the magical object that they “Re-Acquired”. Hounded across the Everlake, will the remnants of the Gilded Drake be able to Survive and complete their mission?     Pirates of Searidge: On the farflung island chain of Driftmoore, during the springtime Festival of Buds, mysterious things are afoot. Missing families, rumors of strange ships on the horizon and strange creatures sighted. Sheriff Focale wrangles up a posse to investigate and shenanigans ensue. Annoyingly this campaign is on full hiatus due to 'Rona.