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The Magistrate of Irrillanna

This is not the government. This is the upper echelons of High Elves who have so much wealth and subtle influence that they simply glide above the law. Alternative descriptors I considered are Lofty and Hoity-toity. They are very proud, like the Malfoys. Only High Elves are allowed in the Magistrate, so sometimes they are referred to as Magistrate Elves or MEs. (SUGGESTION: Use quotes or write in a journal format of a visitor.)   The MEs think very highly of themselves. That is why they are super selective in who can join their ranks.   What do MEs do? They are mostly business owners. Irrillanna is founded upon Trade with all cultures, and the MEs oversee this industry. They are the tippity-top. The 1% of the 1%. They don't have to work very hard, however, because they tend to delegate the "difficult" stuff to their minions.


High Elves are the greatest species in all of Jiren, even above Dragons. Therefore, all must bow before the Magistrate.
  MEs love to party. To keep merchants and buyers happy, they are invited to spectacular events and galas. Anyone of the high class can come, though a proper invitation helps smooth along the process of visitation.

Public Agenda

To live perfect lives away from any lesser folk. (SUGGESTION: describe what is a "perfect life")


Each House has its own vaults, but collectively, the Magistrates control a central area of Irrillanna, known as the Neighborhood. The combined wealth of the Magistrates is unknown, but the rumor is that they have enough assets to purchase all of the lands in Jiren.

Demography and Population

Only High Elves are worthy of being Magistrates.

Foreign Relations

Many outsiders view the Magistrate as full of pompous idiots. However, they dare not interfere for fear of repercussions. The MEs have a way of twisting laws to their liking, which may make a humble commoner lose everything they own and care about. (SUGGESTION: Make more sinister.)
Alternative Names
Magistrate Elves, MEs

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