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  The peat bogs found in western Greymantle Marsh have long been known to have many unique properties that both create materials and phenomena found nowhere else, and make traditional agriculture next to impossible. Though theories abound, no one knows for sure what it is about the bogs that make them so poisonous to crops, but able to preserve decaying matter within them. Almost every culture native to Greymantle makes use of this property--some even in preserving their dead--and this apparently goes for the trees as well.   Under layers of peat are occasionally found the trunks of ancient trees, stained dark and rendered nearly impervious to the ravages of water and gnawing pests. Locating, harvesting, and working this material each poses its challenges, but the end results are worth it. Bogwood remains one of Greymantle's most uncommon and most valuable natural resources.    


  There is a theory among some scholars that the local legends drawing parallels between bogwood trees and bog iron may have some validity to them. Others regard this idea as absurd, and claim it is merely some magical property of the bog that arrests and strengthens decaying matter.   Whatever the reason behind the transformation, the darker the appearance of unnearthed bogwood, the more it has been strengthened and made resistent to damage from water, fire, and pests. The blacker bogwood also requires more careful drying and processing, with many promising pieces failing to produce a successful product.   Bogwood remains a rare resource that is difficult to find and extract, but whereas the process had once been a monumental untertaking, and had only been utilized in small ways among the native populations of Greymantle, now the careful use of druidic and elemental magic makes both the excavation easier and significantly reduces the impact is has on the rest of the bog.    


  Bogwood is highly prized for uses in both construction and craftmaking. Lockhinge City and Arrowden are the primary utilizers of bogwood, which is harvested by specialized workers in smaller communities. The best specimens are found in far western Greymantle, where the deepest peat bogs are.   Arrowden's focus is on woodworking, whereas Lockhinge's focus is carpentry. Both use the wood for smaller high-quality handicrafts as well. Bogwood is responsible for the strength of Lockhinge's most important foundations holding the city above the surface of the swamp, and one theory behind the collapse of the Drowned Quarter is there was a lack of bogwood used in its construction--either by cutting corners or intentional sabotage. Many of Lockhinge's most famous and solid buidings involve at least some bogwood as well. While bogwood is usually used for strength purposes in carpentry, some use it in facades as a show of wealth and swamp-pride.     (see bog-wood and swamp kauri)
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