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Bogwood - old

Ancient trees found buried and preserved in peat bogs and similar settings, highly prized in both construction and craftmaking. Lockhinge and Arrowden are the primary utilizers of bogwood, which is harvested by specialized workers in smaller communities especially in western Greymantle, where the deepest peat bogs are.
  Mineralized and preserved by centuries spent in the peat, bogwood is dark, incredibly strong, and is resistent to damage from water, pests, and fire. Arrowden's focus is on woodworking, whereas lockhinge focus is carpentry. Both use the wood for smaller high-quality crafts as well. Many of Lockhinge's most famous and solid construction involves at least some bogwood. There is both hidden strength-based uses of the material, and some facades meant as a show of wealth and swamp-pride.
  Bogwood is still rare and difficult to find and extract, but whereas the process had once been a monumental untertaking, and had only been utilized in small ways among the native populations of greymantle, now the careful use of druidic and elemental magic makes both the excavation easier, and sifnificantly reduces the impact on the rest of the bog.