Cliffs of Chaos {4,-1}

Lore Summary

The Cliffs of Chaos are a popular breeding area for dragons. Dragons are mostly at peace with Jaytown but have declared Alister a war criminal for the destruction of a dragon egg.   Inside an old giant homestead is a community of Orks known as Orkash, is the Order of the Lion's headquarters. The Order of the Lion is XXX. Velverelle and Arima helped the Order of the Lion, who provided an experimental potion that made Velverelle even larger, open an old sarcophagus, containing a piece of history. Velverelle investigated a finding of a Giant's Deity while Arima spoke with a Dragon who holds sway over the area. After disrupted trances with cryptic connections to their waking state, Arima and Velverelle confer with the Orcs of the Order of the Lion about what it could mean. The draconic overlords of the region recieve tithes of cattle from Orkash while Arima is researching more of the area's history.  

Story Hooks:

  • War Crimes:Alister is still wanted as a war criminal by the draconic overlords of the area.
  • Order of the LionVelverelle and Arima reach a resolution, protecting the Order of the Lion library from the Dragon Alabaster and learning more about the relationship between Dragons, Giants, and the land they share. (DM- Morgan)
  • Wycked Whyte Wyrm: Tensions with the ancient white dragon Alabaster have tipped to hostility. (DM- Morgan)
  • Tracks of Titans:Velverelle and Arima return to the Paragon's Path, activating ley energy. They discover energies emanating from across the panegaea to explore.
Environment: Arctic
  Landmarks: Dragon Den
  NPCs: Arctic Dragon
Included Locations
Status: Explored
Difficulty: Challenging (8/8)
Uncovered By: Jillian (DM), Alisterm, Alyra, Yoldallo, Nera, Endran, Ward


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