Questions of Underazen

Describe the largest diaspora in your world. Why did they leave their homeland?  

While the Kobold and Goblin communities under Razenfel were not initially the largest displaced individuals in Isla, their quick population growth has made them the largest concentration of displaced individuals. Their communities are quickly out numbering the topside city though this will not occur for another six years. The other exiled races underneath do not come close to their population surge coupled with the lack of obvious predators. It is said that there is a large treasure salt deposit hidden by the kobold families in honor of their god, Reisayreogiorrezudhoania of the purple scales. The families are becoming proficient in smuggling and forging permits. For the right price, they could deposit the forgeries in halls of records. It is rumored they have crawl spaces and burrow holes through out the upper city granting them access to a great assortment of areas in secret. The topsiders tend to just ignore this aspect of the city as the reminder of the enigmatic cosmic contiguity. The uppers are quite inept at seeing without shining lights.


The kobolds of Razenfel undercity origins are not known by the upper races. The few families displaced through the great scaling croon that brought them from the crystaline forests of their subterranean paradise. Memories have been distorted since the recent disjunction and none but the elders even remember the beautiful pastel glow bathing their mushroom crops that do not grow as well in this foriegn world. Scavaging and creative aquisitions have been the new way of life. The agrarian expertise is no longer a necessity in the mostly barren undercity. The upper races seem obsessed with salt, so there is a partnership within the under races to secure mines and collect salt for barters or briberies.


The hovels of the undercity are haphazard and could possibly eventually threaten the stability of the upper city. An unfortunate earthquake or disheval could bring this emerging problem to the public consciousness and is ignored by the arrogant uppers.