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A myriad of landscapes compose the whole of Isyra; deserts and canyons separate the east from the west, with wild mountain ranges that crisscross the whole of the land. Between these barriers are river basins, grasslands, forests, and jungles. Surrounding the whole of its great landmass is the Great Sea, and hanging off of Isyra's shores is a shattering of peninsulas and isles. All of it teems with the life of many worlds. It is a Land Between, with doorways to other lands and places, to other gods and creations, and to other lifeforms. It is hard to determine what is native to Isyra and what is not, but those who have been there long enough to forget their paths to the Land Between are called Isyrites. The odd assembly of life on Isyra make it a turbulent ecosystem, constantly shifting as immigrants come and go. The same can be said for cultures, as many intelligent creatures venture to Isyra for one reason or another. With such otherworldly differences, discrimination, intolerance, and war are commonplace. But along with these difficulties is a great exchange of ideas, knowledge, and technologies. The history of Isyra is fraught with the rise and fall of civilizations and ecosystems, though the bridges to other worlds ensure that it always is re-inhabited after cataclysms (eventually). Two things rule the Land Between; Magic, and nature.