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Elaia is the Divine of love, family, peace, agriculture, and trade. She is called upon by lovers yearning for the affection of the heart as well as merchants hoping to strike a deal with a counterpart. As the broker of peace, she also is called upon to oversee diplomacy between nations. She is the patron of the farmer, the fisher, and the herdsman. She protects the hunter, while at the same time being the caretaker of all wild flora and fauna. She is the mother of all that lives upon Istaria. Her Divine Grace envelopes the home, and her gentle hand is called upon to guide the children of the realms.   Elaia is often celebrated during festivals that revolve around harvest times. One notable example of this is the Spring Gala in Halston, which gives thanks to Elaia for bringing life back to the land. As the first fruits of the spring are harvested, farmers from across the southern duchy gather to share with their neighbors. No coin changes hands during the Spring Gala, as the spirit of the gathering is to share the bounty of the new season with ones fellow man. This has the logistical effect of re-stocking the pantries of the citizens of the area with a variety of foodstuffs after the depletion of their winter stores.

Divine Domains

Love, Family, Agriculture, Peace, Trade

Holy Books & Codes

The Six-Fold Truth

Divine Symbols & Sigils

Three coins atop a sheaf of grain

Divine Classification
Temple of the Divines

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