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Leystone is a type of rock that can sustain yet enhance magical properties. Most of the doors in the The City of Doors are reinforced with Leystone frames or other aspects.


Material Characteristics

This charcoal grey stone looks uninteresting at a glance, but when exposed to magic, it pulses with a light that follows intricate patterns that are undetectable when mundane.

Physical & Chemical Properties

In the absence of magic, Leystone feels unnaturally cold, almost as if it was ice. But when magic is brought near it, it becomes warmer. It is never to hot to touch though; it's really quite pleasant, like a cup of hot chocolate on a snowy day.

History & Usage


Earth Elementals gave Leystones to civilization as gifts of thanks for protecting their lands from Sea Monsters. In Corothir, a pact was made from the Elementals to allow Vithalians to travel into their domain to mine for it, in exchange for protecting sites sacred to them.

Everyday use

Leystone is used in structures that require the constant channeling of magical energy. This is used in the largest amount in the City of Doors, which needed to run a large amount of Conjuration magic 24/7. This is also used for the construction of Stone Golems, and in fact was used for The Maker's first golems.   The material is expensive so common folk do not have access to it in large amounts. The most everyday uses of this are for magically powered fireplaces, lavatories, and hot tubs.


Leystone needs to be refined for safe usage. In its natural state, it can absorb and channel magic in a way that its power can accelerate and cause chain-explosions. Because of this, magic is only used in small necessary amounts while mining for it.



In its raw state, Leystone is stored in anti-magic containers to prevent it from exploding during transport, especially as it is brought to the Material Plane from the Elemental Plane of Earth.

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