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Isles of the Lights

Bakog, 1st of Yonnot, 3002 AL.

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Welcome, traveller! We see you have crossed the great seas and chanced upon the Isles of the Lights! You must be weary and unsure of what awaits. Fear not! You have found the right people to help you on your journey. First, the basics. This world comprises three islands of varying sizes (Izuru-Delk’isi, Osupemlaba and Ilatma), inhabited by three cultures. Know then that you shall not pass a day here without encountering some form of religion. Two of the Isle-cultures show very strong beliefs in their respective gods, with one of them (The Sun-folk of Izuru-Delk’isi) worshipping the sun as their highest and most powerful deity, and the other (The Moon-peoples of Osupemlaba) worshipping the moon. The third and smaller island (Ilatma) has more of a reserved community, the Twilight Nation, who hold the spirits of nature in reverence. As you shall perchance perceive, this is, compared to the other islands, a more primitive place in the sense that they don’t have fabulously wealthy or glamorous settings- yet think not that the surroundings are less dangerous or less wonderful, or the people less worth knowing. There is a rather high contrast between the lifestyles and languages of these different cultures (which has often led to disagreements and sometimes even wars in the past), and their island homes are very different climate-wise, despite their locations being in close proximity. As mentioned, each culture (particularly the two larger ones) focuses a great deal of their lives around their beliefs, with their everyday routines structured around them and many festivals and rites carried out. For example, the Moon-peoples are virtually nocturnal, with most people starting their day shortly before sunset, to honour the moon. There is of course no end to the things one may learn about far-off places and people, which is why you hold in your hands the volume that you do. This guide aims, over time, to provide a comprehensive, accurate and detailed description of any elements an intrepid traveller such as yourself may wish to know about this fascinating region.
-Arabel Selie Woodwish and Akôna Yaratîn

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