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Whisper Clan

Based in the southeastern portion of the continent, the Whisper Clan are a proud and noble people. This Tabaxi clan predominantly have an off-white to tan coloration to their fur, with dark brown to black coloring on the feet, hands, face, and the tip of the tail. Their eyes will vary from a steely grey to a deep blue.   Over their history, the clan has been ostracized by nearly every other Tabaxi clan for their lack of usage of the Tabaxi language. They have been hunted by poachers and nobles alike for the beautiful coats. Many Whisper Clan youth has been kidnapped and sold into a life a servitude, be it in the home of some unscrupulous noble or the owner of a brothel.   Facing all these challenges to their daily existence, they have grown insular over the years and rarely will deal with outsiders. Most will be warned when traversing the lands of the Whisper Clan and ask politely to leave. If travelers do not immediately comply, or they are deemed to be on some nefarious course of action, the clan will not hesitate to act with lethal force.

Naming Traditions

Feminine names

Saoirse, Tierney, Caitriona, Raicheal, Moira, Eirnin

Masculine names

Crionan, Barhan, Damhan, Poil, Lechlain, Finnbar, Liam

Unisex names

Blaine, Ros, Etain, Mughain, Bronach

Family names

Ni'hArragain, Claad'Afin, Chomhghaill, Bearain, Ui'Failbhe


Major language groups and dialects

The Whisper Clan all speak Draconic as their main language. They shun the normal Tabaxi language. Most have also learned to speak common.

Culture and cultural heritage

The Whisper Clan has always been based in the lands at the base of The Whisper Mountains and on the shores of Whisper Lake. They live in close-knit familial groups within the clan as a whole.

Common Taboos

It is considered in poor taste to name children after the great hero Ornat

Common Myths and Legends

Ornat is the greatest hero in Whisper Clan lore. There isn't a beast of the world, a demon of the abyss or a devil of the nine hells that Ornat couldn't best in a fight. There doesn't exist a mage, sorcerer or warlock that can out duel Ornat is a spell duel. Ornat is perfect in every way.

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