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Tome of the Everwise

In service to Akashia the current Everwise is always granted ownership of this unique book, which is designed to help contain and interpret the vast knowledge they possess. It's appearance is as unassuming as the individuals chosen tend to be, lacking in ornamentation or obvious magical properties and appearing for all the world as a simple leatherbound volume of paper weighing no more than 5 pounds, yet the book may well be one of the most powerful objects which remains perpetually in Isesda as it is barred from crossing the barrier into Vaedra just as the Children are barred from the inverse.

The book contains a seemingly limitless quantity of pages, yet when the Everwise wishes to access specific information they need only turn a page to arrive at their desired point. Beyond this, the book has survived events which would destroy even the most hardy of normal objects showing barely a mark. The Everwise exerts some power over the tome making it virtually impossible to lose, though it is not in the nature of any such chosen individual to treat such knowledge carelessly. Should a thief attempt to steal the tome, it will always manage to return to the Everwise, appearing in a location where they would likely have stored it in the course of normal activity. Not that thieves are particularly interested in such an object. Despite its power as a relic of one of the Children, the tome is completely incomprehensible to any reader save the current Everwise. According to the account of one former Everwise, even an individual who had once held the position would lose the ability to interpret the tome when a successor takes the mantle.

By nature, it is impossible to clarify what is contained within the tome, but it is generally considered to be a repository of all the collected knowledge of every Everwise which has ever existed since Creation, and some even claim that that knowledge extends forward to all Everwise which ever shall be until the ending of all things. 

As befitting the role of the Everwise, such details are not shared carelessly and what information is passed on is meant only for the recipient and for expressed purpose, so scholars will have to content themselves with their theorizing.
Item type
Unique Artifact


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