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WorldEmber 2021

The Fires Continue

Every year in the month of Winter's Evening, the fires throughout Isekai alight as storytellers young and old gather around the glow to tell the stories that have capture their interest throughout the year. Those of this world join others from across numerous planes to fill the air of all sorts of interesting stories that fill the mind with fancy or even fear.  

The WorldEmber

A hush falls over Isekai as the morning of Winter's Evening breaks, marking the first day of something that stretches far beyond the plane that this world rests on. An event like no other stretches across hundreds of planes, permeating worlds full of all manner of people, creatures, horrors. None of them are like Isekai, none of them celebrate or hide away from this the same way that those of Isekai do. As the morning of the first day of Winter's Evening dawns, the fires are lit, signalling that the WorldEmber has arrived.   The fires burn for the length of Winter's Evening, marking a celebration of storytelling. But only the bravest, most courageous, or the ones that lack sanity participate in this marathon of stories. It is not for the faint of heart, as the stories of old and of new will alight the sky with their words until the fires of Winter's Evening have burned down to their last ember.

Winter's Evening

As the bright day of the first of Winter's Evening slowly drifts into the cold of the evening, fires alight, casting their glow on covered bodies and curious faces. The shadows on the edge of the fires' glow remain cold as the brightness of the white snow is cast dark while the soaked earth below the flame is revealed. All have gathered around the fires of Winter's Evening, all have gathered to hear the tales of the WorldEmber.   Other places and planes may hide from the light shed by the fires or they may celebrate in their own way, but the lands of Isekai celebrate with tales, endless stories of the barren and fertile landscape that had survived a cataclysm of divine proportions only a few centuries before. The people gather to hear stories of long-lost civilizations, of places their feet will never rest. As the fires of Winter's Evening erase the snow and cold of the depths of winter, the people that hear the stories alight with a new fire.

Amongst the Cradle

When the fires begin burning, the Shamans of the Cradle of Clay come out in numbers, ready for the time that they shine, sharing the oral traditions of their people in the glowing light of the WorldEmber. The people of the Cradle wait all year for the moment that their work can be done, where they can join their families and tell the stories of their people and past.   As the year draws to a close, the Clay Giants join and tell their stories. All those who search for the warmth of the WorldEmber join together, basking in the warmth and sharing stories until the days of Spring's Morning reach us.

Reaching Spring's Morning

Once again we have gathered around the smoldering fires, warm cups clutched tightly in hand, as storytellers begin their fantastic ballads, their voices reaching far above the howling winds that whip the snow into flurries. Even through the struggles of the past year, the storytellers come forth and continue the stories of their ancestors.   The Goal of WorldEmber: To reach 25,000 words written in the month of December, flesh out more details of the Cradle of Clay, and complete as many stub articles as possible.

Expanding Our Worldbuilding

In October, Shiftrex and I had the opportunity to visit the Black Hills of South Dakota. During that trip, I was heavily inspired by the geography and wildlife to finally work on a place in our world that we have done little with to this point, other than deciding the basic information.   The Cradle of Clay is home to the Clay Giants and Arcane Geysers. When we first drew the map of Isekai and worked out some of the features in the area, we knew that the Cradle and the geysers would be somewhat based on the geothermal features of Yellowstone National Park. Once climate and a few other things were decided about the area, it made sense that the areas surrounding Yellowstone and the Black Hills would be our inspiration for this place.   During WorldEmber, I plan to focus on expanding the flora, fauna, and more about the Cradle of Clay. Many images that I captured on our travels of areas that inspired us may be used.   Planned Articles
Current stubs are marked in green, prompt articles are marked in purple. Articles with * next to them have images prepared.
*Cradle of Clay
*Broken Tooth
*Needled Path
*Arcane Geysers
*Black Cedar
*Big Greystem
*Cradle Brushes
Cradled Wheat
*Orange Honeysuckle
Plains Rats
Black Footies
Cradle Prowlers
Mountain Goats
Black Stout
People & Culture
Clay Giant Culture
*Clay Giants (Not eligible)
Vollan Rue
Clay Giant Birth Rites
Clay Giant Culinary Arts
Tribal Markings
*Tatanka Roundup
Mokan Dawnleader Elananathi
The Great Fire
Arcane Dust
*Pine Nuts
*Cradle-Fed Beef
Cradle Sowers
Legend of the White Tatanka (Prose)
The Cradle (Organization)
*STORY (Organization)
Cradle of Clay cover (Image)
Clay Giant model (Image)

Sharing Strategies

If there's one thing I've learned after two and half years on World Anvil, it's that I'm absolutely horrible at remembering to share my work. While I am relatively active on the Discord and do have a Twitter that I share articles and such on, both are things that I don't remember to do often because I'm mostly on those platforms to cheer others on. So for WorldEmber this year, I'm going to attempt something a bit different and hope that it works.   I've set up a couple of different discussion boards for this purpose. As I am focusing on the Cradle of Clay, one board is to discuss any lore related to the area, including people, traditions, places, anything that I write. The second board is dedicated to the challenge of WorldEmber itself where people can ask questions about my processes, formatting, or just anything in general in the spirit of WorldEmber.   I haven't had any interaction on the Discussion Boards yet so I'm excited to see what WorldEmber brings!  
Author's Note: The Isekai Discussion Boards do require some priveleges to be able to reply to posts. If you're interested in taking part in the WorldEmber discussion or any discussions about the Cradle of Clay, please read and follow the instructions in our Rules post.
Going for 25k WorldEmber 2021 by World Anvil

WorldEmber Pledge

I pledge to complete WorldEmber and the articles and ideas listed here to the best of my abilities, but not by sacrificing time for family and self-care during the holidays.   WorldEmber is an amazing event that so many wonderful people in the community take part in. It is only a competition against ourselves, to reach the 10k word goal, to write and create for our worlds better than we have in the past. We lift each other up and push each other to continue making strides in making our worlds the best they can be.   Some of the homework given to help us prepare for our writing spree can be found here. I will be using the homework to prepare as much as I can for WorldEmber and to also help flesh out some of the areas mentioned in stories written for NaNoWriMo.  

Worldbuilding Prompts

  Articles used for prompts will be marked in the checklist to the left in purple.

Be Prepared!

Images often don't take me long to prepare but having a few ready along with a timeline will allow me to dive headlong into this area of the world that we've barely touched. Images


Completed Articles

Clay Giant Birth Rites
Tradition / Ritual | Jan 31, 2023

Much like other celebrations within Clay Giant Culture, the birth of a child comes with storytelling and feasting. While children may be raised by the entire village, the birth is meant to be a special celebration amongst family.

Clay Giant Culinary Arts
Tradition / Ritual | Jan 31, 2023

Compared to other races of the world, the culinary arts of the Clay Giants are rather simple, using only the simplest of ingredients that come from places of hard work and love.

Clay Giant Culture
Ethnicity | Jan 31, 2023

Among the rolling hills of the Cradle of Clay, the Clay Giants have built a life on simple tenets, the ideas of storytelling, farming, and growth. Growth can come in many ways, whether through study or hard labor.

Tradition / Ritual | Mar 1, 2023

Harvest comes in the late weeks of Summer's Evening, as the days slowly shorten to match the length of the night. The rolling hills begin to turn to golden hues, but not nearly the rich colors of the coveted Cradled Wheat.

Hills of Vollan
Building / Landmark | Jan 31, 2023

Named the Hills of Vollan for a title that means warrior, this small clump of hills serves as home to the arena where the Vollan Rue is held. Every three years, all Clay Giants and even a handful of Centaurs gather to participate in competitions.

Legend of the White Tatanka
Prose | Mar 1, 2023

But the legend of the White Tatanka is not as simple as it seems. For one young man found the fabled beast, but his decisions and greed dictated his path, far away from the prosperity the Tatanka was leading him to.

Tradition / Ritual | Jan 23, 2023

As the Summer Solstice begins with the rising sun, so too does the storytelling, voices carried over words that have been spoken many a time. During these tellings, it is common to see a device hidden behind the storyteller, a machine carving into a disk.

Tatanka Roundup
Tradition / Ritual | Mar 1, 2023

The yearly Tatanka Roundup is an event planned, prepared, and looked forward to for months, minds turning to the winter event as soon as the last hours of Harvest come to an end.

Tribal Markings
Tradition / Ritual | Jan 23, 2023

These tattoos known as Tribal Markings have deep meaning to the various tribes and individuals, they are marks of a journey, one of growth and triumph, trial and failure. The black lines depict a life moving forward.

Vollan Rue
Tradition / Ritual | Jan 20, 2023

The Vollan Rue was integral to this, establishing influence through physical prowess, but this was simply just one step towards leading. There were more than just physical competitions, storytelling featured heavily as well.

White Tatanka
Myth | Mar 1, 2023

The Legend of the White Tatanka is one of those stories that everyone in the Cradle of Clay knows. Throughout the year, the story is told multiple times, during celebrations such as Storybrook to long days in the fields or traveling over the hills.

Cover image: WorldEmber Cover by World Anvil


Author's Notes

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