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Vollan Rue

Games of the Clay Giants

Thousands gather around the open-air arena that had been carved into the side of one of the tall hills, their cheers echoing off the remaining rockface like triumphant crashes of thunder. Many had waited what had seemed like a lifetime for this day to arrive, training during whatever time they could steal away from their other responsibilities. After years of training, of sweat, blood, and gore, the day had arrived to bring glory for their tribe, glory to themselves. Tucked in the Hills of Vollan, the ritual of the Vollan Rue would begin.   For millennia, this ritual was a part of their culture, the earliest tradition to be established. While the Clay Giants had been left at the bottom of the Giants' Hierarchy and had been removed, they chose to move forward, building a society of fairness and earned titles. The Vollan Rue was integral to this, establishing influence through physical prowess, but this was simply just one step towards leading. There were more than just physical competitions, storytelling featured heavily as well. If enough influence was won, then one could join the Cradle, leading a people that had so easily been left behind.   Strength of body and mind would be necessary as the days and competitions moved forward. Not all favored the various competitions, one may only enter one while others may enter all. The Vollan Rue was a source of pride, of a crowning achievement marking the growth of an individual, something at the forefront of Rerena's teachings. Much like the plants and animals they cultivated, they too must grow and change, reaching for the unreachable. The Clay Giants were a people of many facets and the Vollan Rue illustrated that when little else could.


The Clay Giants had very little structure when they first settled the Cradle of Clay. Families and close relatives often settled in close areas, creating small villages that contained little more than a few huts. Miles stretched between groups, but the elders of each group, often a Shaman, kept in touch between the villages, warning of dangers as the Clay Giants settled into their new home. Competition was a natural part of their lives, and little time passed before it became rampant between the villages, even with the distance between them.   One of the oldest Shamans, nearing his 100th year, came upon a clump of three large hills during his travel. He named these hills the Hills of Vollan, after a title that had been granted to his father many years before that had meant warrior. The man envisioned an arena of sorts, one similar to those that had been scattered across the Giants' territory, but on a much smaller scale. This arena would allow the Clay Giants to hold games like had often been held in the old territory to bring glory to a family. When he returned from his travel, a group of strong men set out to begin carving the arena into the hill.   For five years the men labored, clearing the heavy rock and dirt to build an arena fit for the strongest of Warriors. When finished, the old Shaman invited all from across the Cradle of Clay to the Vollan Rue, a tournament of Warriors. This first tournament lasted little more than a single day and had only a handful of competitions that favored physical prowess, such as grappling, running, and spear throwing. Glory was granted to those that were victorious, bringing influence to their families for raising strong individuals. This meant little in the early days, but this influence would become more important once the Clay Giants met the Humans.   The Vollan Rue continued every three years, slowly adding more events as the Shamans saw interest. Those that won continued to bring glory to their families and were awarded small trinkets, but the games meant little more than that. Over eighty years after the Vollan Rue started, the Clay Giants had their first relations with Humans and their outlook on the games changed.   Having been exposed to a society with a structure of government far from that of the Hierarchy for the first time, the Clay Giants saw a need for structure in their own society, greater than the Shamans that led small clusters of people. It was decided that the Vollan Rue, with its events of both strength and intellect, would help determine those that would be worthy to serve as a council for the Cradle of Clay and work in the best interest of the people, much like the Human Emperor did. A few decades passed before this idea came to fruition, but once it did, the Cradle was established as the governing body.   Little changed when the Centaurs came to the Cradle of Clay. These people had little interest in the competitions, choosing to look to the stars instead. While they tended to be onlookers during the Vollan Rue, they never participated and sometimes served as adjudicators for the more intellectual events. A handful of Centaurs were given a place as part of the Cradle due to their help during the Vollan Rue.   Since these days, the Vollan Rue has continued, occurring every three years except during the height of the Eldritch War. During this time, the games were suspended, and seats as part of the Cradle were assigned due to feats during the war. Many of the older Shamans that were unable to fight took places as figureheads and leaders while the younglings fought what seemed like a never-ending war.   Since the days of the Eldritch War, the Vollan Rue has continued with few changes from its ancient days. New events are added and old ones changed as the times move on and the interest wavers. All in the Cradle of Clay attend and cheer on those who compete, hoping to see their tribe brought glory and one of their own as part of the Cradle.
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The events that make up the Vollan Rue have changed over the millennia as interest in certain events has waned. Since the beginning, the core events have always been grappling, running, and spear throwing, but even these events have changed over the course of the years. Currently, there are six major events in the Vollan Rue, but many of these events have smaller events within them.  


Grappling is wrestling with very limited rules. Due to the nature of Clay Giants and their Giant-like pain tolerance, only biting and the attacking of the genitals is prohibited. These bouts can sometimes last for hours until someone concedes.  


Boxing is strictly fist-fighting and is seen as the more "noble" of the two fighting competitions, even if it tended to be almost as bloody. Rules were again limited, many of them being agreed upon moments before a bout.  


Many running events are included in the Vollan Rue, but many of them are over short distances and require carrying heavy objects. Long-distance events were banned because many Clay Giants could run for hours without trying if they could carry snacks.  

Spear Throwing

Spear Throwing is a common event and one that is favored due to the hunting methods of the earliest days in the Cradle of Clay. It took great precision and power to take down the Tante and remnants of that appear in current competitions.  

Boulder Toss

By far the simplest competition, this requires tossing a large boulder, often over 200 pounds, as far as possible.  


Storytelling is one of the only intellectual competitions and is judged by the Shamans and the Centaurs. The resident historic society, STORY, has set a series of guidelines that determine the greatness of a story based on presentation, truthfulness, subject matter, and a few other things.


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