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Mon, Nov 15th 2021 04:33

WorldEmber 2021

Once again, the favored December Challenge is almost upon us. The fires of Winter's Evening have been lit in Isekai and the stories will abound throughout the nights. This year, the fires focus on the Cradle of Clay, home to the gentle Clay Giants and their flocks. Here, oral traditions are common and constant, told around every fire, celebration, moment of quiet. In the Cradle, the Shaman bring the stories to life.   With two weeks of homework finished, I think I have a pretty solid plan for what I will be writing for WorldEmber this year. I'm going to attempt 25k words, but if I make it further, then that will be awesome.
WorldEmber 2021
Generic article | Jun 2, 2022

RiverFang's WorldEmber 2021 pledge!

  Any questions or thoughts on my plans for WorldEmber so far? Let me know!
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