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Vamir Ylyndar

Scoundrel Vamir Ylyndar

The smiles and attentions of some women may be fleeting, but the bonds between brothers, born of thinly veiled insults and the mashing of blades, is an unending bond.
— Vamir Ylyndar
  Women follow him wherever he goes, hoping for a glimpse of his perfect smile or to hear the lulling timbre of his voice. He doesn't seem to mind the attention, reveling in the constant fawning of the women that follow. He's known as the Order's resident skirt chaser, a title that often angers his father, but one that the boy takes to heart. Even with his love for copious attention, he does not let it get in the way of his training or studies.   Vamir Ylyndar is a ladies' man, often having his pick of all the women in the Northern Outposts if he ever chooses to pick a wife. The lives of Fey Knights are long, longer than even the standard lives of the Elves, so Vamir chooses to spend what he calls his fledgling years dabbling and playing in the arts of love. He is carefree and charming, catching the attention of all those who see him. He revels in it and often flaunts himself, more like a colorful bird than the silent Hunters of the north.   In his family, he is often seen as the odd one. Taeral is a pillar of strength in the family and Order, ever in charge and level-headed. Vaalyun, a brother that is nearly a twin, is an accomplished fighter, with unmatched stamina on the battlefield. Airdan is wise beyond his years, and well studied in the arts of strategy and combat. Reinys, his young sister and by far one of his favorite siblings, is flexible, moving where she is needed and taking the strict regiment she is placed under with grace. Corym, the youngest, is the scholar, ever searching for greater knowledge far beyond the walls of Yllvalion. And Vamir, his father calls him charismatic, a silver-tongued warrior that could talk his way out of a situation just as well as he could fight his way out.   He is more often charismatic than not, but Vamir can be extremely serious. His time studying and training with Vaalyun turns Vamir into a hardened warrior and not the charming man that finds ladies falling at his feet. While the attention of the fair sex is an entertaining game, nothing rivals the duty that Vamir serves in his family and the oath he swore as part of the Order.


Family Ties

Other Ethnicities/Cultures
Date of Birth
30 Winter's Morning, 86 IM
Year of Birth
86 IM 386 Years old
Light grey
Long, raven black
Skin Tone/Pigmentation
Aligned Organization
Other Affiliations

Character Portrait image: Vamir Ylyndar by Portrait via Portrait Workshop, created by RiverFang


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