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Taeral Ylyndar

Leader Taeral Ylyndar

To be the eldest brother means to lead by example, hoping that your siblings do not fall into the same trap of failure that you have fallen into.
— Taeral Ylyndar
  Two men stand staring out the window across a vast expanse of white. The younger one looks down at the older man, speaking softly. Their discussion is one of politics and tradition, of the current state of the Northern Outposts. All has been quiet lately, but that quiet does not stop the need for training, the need for new Paladins, for the eventual change of power to the oldest of the Ylyndar children.   Taeral is the oldest of the six Ylyndar children. His duty lay in being an aid to his father and teaching his younger siblings the ways of the Order. He discusses battle, strategies, and the state of affairs with Elduin, less as a subordinate and more like equals. The older man has led the Order for centuries, through the harshness of the Eldritch War and other encounters. Now it is Taeral's turn to step into the spotlight of leadership. He needs a few more decades to learn all there is to know about leading such a grand organization, but soon he will be able to do so flawlessly, to the expectations of his father.   The eldest brother is often quiet, deep in thought, or found in discussion. To his younger siblings, especially Reinys and Corym, he is less a brother and more another father figure. His expectations are high, as high as their father's, but he takes more easily to mistakes when they can be learned from. Taeral passes on his learnings of leadership to his younger siblings, many of whom will be leading various sections of the Order within Yllvalion. He watches how they grow and learn through their teachings and training, his expectations often met. Even so, his expectations are higher for Reinys than the others. He sees the fire for knowledge and battle in her that makes her more like him and their father than the others could hope to be.


Family Ties

Other Ethnicities/Cultures
Date of Birth
21 Fall's Evening, 140 IM
Year of Birth
140 IM 440 Years old
Dark grey
Long, dark brown
Skin Tone/Pigmentation
Aligned Organization
Other Affiliations

Character Portrait image: Taeral Ylyndar by Portrait via Portrait Workshop, created by RiverFang


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