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Topaz Robes

Robes of Rare Silk

Shimmering, almost translucent, silk wraps a lithe body as spells weave around them, bright colors glowing on the silk's surface. It isn't long before a shining blast illuminates the wearer, a heavy spell blasted apart before it can even damage the silk and the skin beneath. This is one of the greatest inventions of the Elves, a secret held dearly and one that comes at a high price.   The Topaz Spider and its silk is one of many artificial creations that have established the Unending Scroll as a pinnacle of magical technology and research. Properties such as strength, color, and the ability to enhance any enchantment placed upon the silk set the material apart as something that has hundreds of uses for all walks of life, but it is when the silk is woven into beautiful robes that its most useful, and possibly most deadly, uses comes to light.   Topaz Robes, when woven correctly, are nearly indestructible objects that are paramount to the safety of various Mages in the Elven military during times of conflict. With their magical nature, Elves are often the targets of horrendous or hobbled-together spells and enchantments that rarely work the way the casters expect. The creation of these robes greatly decreased the number of casualties due to spell fallout in mass battles where magic flew as freely as weapons.   Considered one of the Bauxatehn's most secretive weapons, Topaz Robes are extremely rare and are only granted to a small handful of people as the production of the robes is no easy task. It is believed that because of the expense of the item, one must have permission from the Elven King himself in order to possess one, but how to obtain a Topaz Robe is another secret the Bauxatehn possesses.  
Topaz Spider Silk
Silk from the Topaz Spider has some innate magical properties that allow it to enhance any magic placed on an item created from the silk. This innate magic also creates color-changing, iridescent silk that sometimes blends into the background or shines with a deep blue hue.

Mechanics & Inner Workings

The magic within Topaz Robes mostly stems from the properties of the material from which they are made. Topaz Spider Silk is known for its variation in color, often iridescent, as well as its nearly indestructible nature, at least by magical means. All magic, no matter its strength, is naturally enhanced by the silk and any spells cast at the material will rebound to the original caster.   Once woven, the robes are further enchanted with a myriad of spells that are kept secret from all except those part of the Academy of the Scroll that specialize in this material. The Bauxatehn can place a number of requests for different enchantments to be placed on a lot of the robes but the final enchantments are at the discretion of the Mages.  

Current Usage

A number of years passed after the invention of the Topaz Spiders and their silk before the idea arose to create highly enchanted clothing for Mages on the battlefield. The uses of the silk were endless, but after events such as the Giant Wars and the Eldritch War, the necessity to protect Mages from perilous and twisted magic had risen.   The current collaboration between the Academy of the Scroll and the Bauxatehn pertaining to the Topaz Robes has gone through many trials. Parts of the Elven Kingdom believed that these robes should be available to all while others agreed that only those who would fight on a battlefield deserved items of such expense. Eventually, the argument surrounding the usage of the robes became a matter for the King and the decision was made that while the Bauxatehn had the majority usage of the garments, others could petition the King for allowance if their need was great enough.
Topaz Robes
Topaz Robes are an extremely rare masterpiece created by the Unending Scroll. The magic held within these garments is not fully known to outsiders and is considered one of the best-kept secrets of the Bauxatehn.
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Clothing / Accessory
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