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Topaz Spiders

Artificial Creation of the Unending Scroll

Created from a painted canvas paired with a great deal of complex magic, the Topaz Spider has become one of the staple artificial creatures of the Unending Scroll in the past millennia. Developed in the centuries before the Eldritch War, the spider was originally meant only to create silk that could be easily enchanted for the fledgling enchanter. In the decades after, it became quite apparent that the intended use of Topaz Spider Silk had been surpassed and additional uses became more prominent.

Silk from these spiders can house any type and strength of magic, often heightening the power of an enchantment placed upon it through the innate magic that the silk harbors. Its relatively strong tensile strength makes it useful for weaving and the creation of tightly woven fabrics that can rebound harmful magic in most cases.

While created originally in the Unending Scroll, it has become possible to find Topaz Spiders living in the wild, but only in the trees surrounding Alfensil. It is believed that the deep magic of the forest draws these spiders in, causing them to escape from enclosures in the Unending Scroll and take up residence elsewhere. These creatures will not harm others but have a tendency to incapacitate threats if necessary.

— Appendix C of the Yllvalion Codex, Flora & Fauna of the Elven Forest
  Artificial creations of the Unending Scroll, Topaz Spiders have become a staple of wartime weaving and enchantments due to the nature of the silk that they produce. The byproduct of these spiders will heighten the power of enchantments and grant the user other abilities depending on a number of factors.

Basic Information


Topaz Spiders are extremely similar to other large spider species in the world, but these spiders tend to have an iridescent cephalothorax that allows the viewing of the gem-like internal organs. Often a golden color with areas of hues of blues, these creatures have spindle-like legs and multiple eyes that aid their extremely stealthy abilities.   These spiders can range greatly in size from small enough to be difficult to see with the human eye to as large as a tea cup. They often have a slight glow to them that is an effect of their innate magic, as well as a marker of their silk production abilities.

Ecology and Habitats

Topaz Spiders are most commonly found in well-regulated enclosures within the Unending Scroll, but in more recent years, it has been possible to find them in nature in areas near to Alfensil. These creatures often choose magic-heavy areas such as around the oldest trees in the Elven Forest to make their homes as they feed off the magic of the forest to survive.

Additional Information

Uses, Products & Exploitation

The Topaz Spiders were created specifically for the byproducts they would produce, including their inherently magical silk. While Topaz Spider Silk is by far the most common usage of the creatures, other uses have appeared over the years such as companion animals, familiars for certain types of casters, and for reconnaissance. The stealthy abilities of the spiders along with their size make them useful for a variety of things and these jobs are often where they retire to when they no longer produce usable silk.
Topaz Spider
The Topaz Spider is an artificial creation of the Unending Scroll created to spin magical silk that when woven into cloth can enhance any enchantments that are placed upon it, whether offensive or defensive.
Scientific Name
Araneae chrysolithus
25 to 30 years
Average Weight
1 to 3 oz
Average Length
0.75 to 1.2 inches
Geographic Distribution
Related Ethnicities
Related Materials

Storybook System Creature Sheet
Name Topaz Spider
Form Insectoid
Type Artificial
Size Tiny
Location Elven Forest
Heroism Points
Land 5
Climb 3
Swim 0
Fly 0
Jump 2
Strengths & Weaknesses Topaz Spiders are immune to the following conditions: None.

These spiders were created to produce silk but they are also known for their agility, magical properties, and their stealth. In some ways, these spiders are extremely dangerous as they are difficult to spot and even harder to catch.
Skills Tiny Stealth - The creature's size makes it possible to hide nearly in plain sight unless the light level is considered bright. Their stealth rating doubles unless the light is considered bright light level.

Rope Web - Topaz Spiders can quickly repel using their web and return to their origination point where they started their turn. No matter the distance, this can be accomplished in a single turn.

Exceptional Senses - Topaz Spiders possess exceptional eyesight and smell. When using vision or smell, a Topaz Spider's Observation Rating doubles.
Behaviour Created by the Unending Scroll to be used as a source of magic-enhancing spider silk, these creatures are rarely, if ever, found in the wild. If they are, they are often only found in areas of the Elven Forest around Alfensil and the Unending Scroll as these areas of high magic attract creatures of this type.

Commonly, these spiders are found in small groups or alone, choosing to keep small areas of territory to themselves. This allows the proper nutrition to be able to produce their silk which has been noted to be one of the strongest cloth-like materials found in the world.

During combat, Topaz Spiders will often repel down from a high place on their web, spraying their target with their web. This will incapacitate an enemy, either wrapping them up or sticking them to a wall or floor. Depending on the size of the spider, this web may cover the enemy entirely or only a small portion such as the legs or torso.

The typical method of attack for a Topaz Spider is to lie in hiding as long as possible, utilizing its enhanced senses to precisely locate the target for a sneak attack. Once the enemy is incapacitated by the spider's web, the spider will often flee to a safe location, taking no further attacks on the opposing creature unless necessary


  • Topaz Spiders use Agility to attack. A Topaz Spider will repel down on their web, usually behind a creature if possible, and spray them with an amount of web based on the spider's size. Smaller spiders will spray enough to cover the legs or torso while larger spiders can cover an entire body.

  • Those sprayed by Topaz Spider Silk will have the Immobilized condition and may have the Knocked Down condition if they become stuck to the floor.


A Topaz Spider will dodge an attack by repelling on their web and quickly climbing back up.
Difficulty Difficulty Level: Simple (easily handled by a party of 4 Tier 0 Characters)

To Increase Difficulty: Add 5 Topaz Spiders per party member or change the size of the spider so that their web spray attack covers more area.

Possible Encounter Ideas: While Topaz Spiders could be used as part of a Combat Encounter, they are much better suited for Social Encounters. These creatures could also be used as pets or ways to progress the narrative.


Author's Notes

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