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Language of the Giants

A language from the far north that the kin of the Ancient Fey use, the script of Giant is often seen on abandoned structures in the Neither Tundra the size of which are colossal. Speakers of this language are generally related to Giants in some way, like Leaf Giants or Clay Giants or Ogres but it wouldn't be uncommon for any northern dwelling creature to know the language. The script for Giant is said to have been made by the Dwarves, whatever writing system that the Giants might have used before then was abandoned in favor of the blocky letters that they are known to use today.   The earliest appearance of this language predates that of the Elves by several hundred years, as a descendant of the Ancient Fey the Giants have resided in Isekai longer than most of the civilized races which makes their language quite ancient. The Giant language uses a similar script to the Dwarven language in the respect that both favor deep, sunken letters that are best used for writing on stone or hard surfaces where the weight of a blow can leave the mark sunken deep into a material. It has been noted by scholars that the width of the letters and their scale is meant to create a different meaning and there has been no shortage of examples to study in the far north. The immense size of the letters and their impression on any material that has been used makes it so that the language is readily available for archeological studies. This language has a large presence throughout the north because of the Giant Wars and the geographical relocation of most Giants away from the Fairy King's Wood but there are areas further south in the Wandering Forest that still have Giant communities hidden away.   The advantages of speaking this language are directly related to your interest in the history of the Giant ruins that dot the land or with how charismatic you think you can be when cornered by a Giant. While a great many Giants are able to speak Common and possibly a few more languages, the especially stupid ones like the Hill Giants are often not able to understand complicated words in other languages and they are susceptible to flattery in their own tongue. Though they may be harder to sway and will not show it, all Giants like to be called intelligent or complimented in their own language because of how rare it is. Dwarves often refuse to discuss the history of how the Giant script came about due to harsh conflicts with the Giant race in the distant past.

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