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Language of the Dwarves

A widely spoken language that is known for harsh speech and roughly cut script that is used for highly scientific concepts such as measurements, values, and navigation. Speakers of this language are generally Dwarves or have some relation to them but their script is used widely for a number of languages to include Protarchikós and its many dialects along with the language of Giants. The script for Dwarvish shows that it originated in carvings with rough tools handled through delicate precision, it is often said that if you do not use the proper amount of force when creating your letters that you cannot properly write them in a timely fashion. It is for this reason that Dwarvish script is seldom used on delicate paper, thin pieces of metal or brittle stone.   The earliest appearance of this language is traced back to when Dwarves first appeared on Isekai, even this far back in history the Dwarves were fascinated by minerals, metals, measurements and the processes that needed to be used to shape them. This led to Dwarvish being the oldest written language to come from the Elder Races and because of their endeavors into the deeper parts of the earth their written language came to be used as the script for the languages of various Elementals. While the spoken language of Elementals and Giants is radically different the same letterings are used because Dwarves were the first members of the Elder Races to be interested in communicating with Earth, Fire and Water Elementals. Their interest in these creatures allowed them to communicate and enlist their help in many instances as they created their deep mines and great cavern kingdoms.   The advantages of speaking this language are few but the advantages of being able to write in this language are many. Several races from around the world have adopted using the script from this language as a means for noting numbers, scientific information, and specific processes. In ancient times this was largely due to the fact that many things were recorded on stone, architecture, and even on weaponry, and the harsh, deeply cut letters of this script were hard to wear away. Culturally, those that deal in specific processes may still use the Dwarvish script as it has a well-respected history but it is ill-advised to speak this language in the presence of Giants lest you provoke them to rage over the conflicts of the past.

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Sep 12, 2021 13:52 by Dr Emily Vair-Turnbull

I love that their script came to be used by elementals because of the dwarves' efforts in communicating with them.

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