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Deep Dwarvish

Language of the Gem Dwarves

A course and grumbling language that is described as unpleasant by some and enchanting by others, it has a unique quality that when spoken by an expert they can cause it to echo almost endlessly or fall dead upon the stone caverns of Káto with no echo at all. Speakers of this language are few outside of the Gem Dwarves and Dwarf races, others that know this language would likely be residents of Káto or travelers that fancy themselves to be great explorers. The script for Deep Dwarvish was once called Spike because it was created with the quick and precise strikes of a pointed tool on stone and was designed specifically with the idea of the reader being in total darkness.   The earliest appearance of this language comes sometime after the Dwarves appeared as a race, it is said that the Gem Dwarves and the Dwarves both came from the same bloodline and split as two brothers would after a time. One chose to stay closer to the surface, their mines full of light and their tunnels leading up to the forest where they would cut down the trees of the Great Furnaces to fuel their fires. One ventured further into the earth, loving gems more than precious metals and they found the light within gemstones of the great tunnels and caves far beneath Isekai that were so bountiful and full of beauty that they soon forgot the light of both the Sun and the Moon. The script for Deep Dwarvish is more readily understood through the use of touch rather than sight, when the reader passes their hands and fingers over the writing it is expected that the letters be sunken if on a hard surface or raised if on a pliable surface like paper or cloth. This language has a large presence throughout Káto but it is heavily centralized in the Kingdom of Gems and the large fortress cities that create it. The language has long been used for safe communications and secrets because of how easily it is hidden in plain sight among the rough terrain and caverns but the spoken component has seen little success as a trade language when compared to Deep Common.   The advantages of speaking this language are that you can more readily hide a conversation, even when speaking in a moderate voice if you do not wish the sounds to echo down the caverns and tunnels of Káto. Inversely, if you were to become lost in a network of caves or you had the need to get someone's attention you could have the spoken component of this language echo far longer than any other words of the same volume. The written component is also highly useful because a fluent reader of the language can almost always interpret an accurate message through touch alone and it has been rumored to indicate the presence of secret paths and old, safe routes through the lower reaches of the Kingdom of Gems. This language is not known to be particularly offensive to any person in particular though the opinions on it range greatly from a harsh speech to one that is cryptic and has a quality of beauty.

Writing System

Deep Dwarvish Language Letters by Braille by Anonymous, Chart by RiverFang

Deep Dwarvish Language Numbers by Braille by Anonymous, Chart by RiverFang

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Sep 12, 2021 13:54 by Dr Emily Vair-Turnbull

'... t has a unique quality that when spoken by an expert they can cause it to echo almost endlessly or fall dead upon the stone caverns of Káto with no echo at all.' This is such a unique idea. I wonder how it works.   I like that the language can be read from touch just as easily as by sight.

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