Maxwell Davenport Day/Greystar Day of Remembrance

Celebrated on December 27th every year. The first official celebration of this holiday was December 27th, 2669.       "Shadow Maxwell Davenport? ..." The words of the Director ring out in the halls of the Star Hab.   "Shadow Maxwell Davenport? ..." Again he intones the rank and name of the man who all had come to honor on this solemn day.   "Shadow Maxwell Davenport. End of service, December 27th, 2669." Director Kensh is dressed the typical black and grey suit. No medals or commendations, just a small insignia at the collar signifying his position within their organization turned government.   "Agent Davenport was a person that was measured in both words and deeds. His choice words brought wisdom and perspective to difficult council issues. His tenacity saved a world under siege by a metadimensional horror. His surgical precision liberated people from their corporate oppressors... Max Davenport is the embodiment of the Greystar Ethos."   "That we will be the helping hand that comes from the shadows when it's needed most..." The Director pauses to let the words hang in the air.   "Twenty million, sixty seven thousand, eight hundred and fifty souls live to see another moon rise over the fungal jungles of Acastus. And with every world in the Confederation relying on the prowess of her resolute people, his actions saved more than just the people that call the world below me, 'home'... I hang this grey star, with a heavy heart, on the Wall of Remembrance in his honor. Nameless is the star, as all our deeds are. But I think I can confidently say, that we all will remember this one that burns a little brighter."   "I want to make a motion to this Council, December 27th of this year and for as long as the Confederation lives shall be a holiday for all worlds. No business shall be conducted as it is to be spent reflecting on and remembering the stars on this wall..." Director Kensh gestures behind him to a wall of hundreds of grey stars. All nameless memorials to the agents that lost their lives in honorable service to the Greystar Combine.   "May we never forget their sacrifice."


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