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Giant Lizard

The giant lizard has been on the continent of Laksh'mi for as long as anyone can remember, and throughout that time Lizardfolk have domesticated some of them. The giant lizard has man different variations: combat, draft, labor, riding, and just plain pets. The Lizardfolk have trained them for generations, adapting each breed for its specific duty. The giant frilled agama, with a frill that can protect a rider, marine iguanas are bred for their strength and swim speed, monitor lizard are the fastest for riding through the forests as well as a delicacy in the region.   Giant Lizards were thought to have evolved from basalisks or another scaly magical creature, but it seems to have been proven wrong. The magical creatures don't seem to fill a need with nature and aren't always around where lizards flourish.

Basic Information


Giant lizards generally have four limbs and a tail, with a long body. Variations include extra limbs, wings, natural camoflage, or even standing upright with shorter fore limbs.

Ecology and Habitats

Giant lizards tend to like damp, dark places, old forests, jungles, swamps, or caves near underground rivers. They tend to live near an ample supply of food, so the more dank and rotten places with large insects or riverside forests with plenty of wildlife.

Dietary Needs and Habits

Giant lizards eat smaller or weaker prey, taking large bites and leaving the rest to break down in their stomach. They stay motionless for up to 2 hours and snap out from their camouflage to sieze their prey.

Additional Information

Uses, Products & Exploitation

Giant lizards are used for mounts, beasts of burden, food (both meat and eggs) and leather.

Perception and Sensory Capabilities

Giant lizards can see in the dark, so in nature they tend to a nocturnal lifestyle.
All Giant lizards come from the same stock, and evolved based on their microclime and preditors. Lizardfolk have continue to bred them based on the particular needs of the tribe and now their cities.


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