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The lorekeeper bracer

Originally created close to the end of the divine age as a way to preserve knowledge. Or regain it if it is already lost. These bracers are usually worn by scholars, archeologists, and historians.
The bracer allows its wearer to look into a part of the stories of either place, item, or being once a day. These stories are always true but one can rarely see the whole story.
Item type
The lore keeper bracers are not exactly common as they are not mass-produced. However, as the production is not complicated and not even that expensive most research institutes and institutes of higher education with a focus on history have access to means of production. Therefore they essentially have unlimited access. Also anybody with enough money can commission the bracer as the production is not restricted.
Raw materials & Components
The bracer is made of two metallic rings with adjustable diameters connected by several ivory strips. The bracer also requires a certain amount of incense for the enchanting process.


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