God's Bones

Did the Voiceless kill their god and thus bring about their own doom?
— from The Frozen Numen by Nianai, Lashe scholar
  Buried in the Huatari Plains are the remains of a dead god, whose name is unknown to the modern peoples of Iouran. Slivers of the petrified corpse fetch high prices, but many are the fortune seekers who have entered the plains and never returned.


Physical Characteristics

The "bones" of the nameless god are not necessarily bones. While there are rumors that deep beneath the plains lies the face of the god, twisted in eternal opalescent agony, no reliable witness has ever been identified. What treasure hunters usually find are small masses of brown rock with swirls that look like opal but are impenetrable by common tools.


Slivers of god's bones are cool to the touch, but prolonged contact with mortal flesh leaves what looks like chemical burns that never fade or heal - though the scattering of individuals who bear such lesions claim that there was no pain until after the marks were made.   Though it has rarely been found in concentrations large enough for such applications, the few weapons made from the substance are automatically axiomatic and ghost touch.

Geology & Geography

Look at the scatter on these sites! It's like the thing exploded...
— Molmot Sadrathi, adventurer
  Bones have been found across the Huatari Plains. There is supposed to be a cavern complex that contains a larger concentration, including the head of the dead god, but no genuine map marking the location has ever surfaced.   The chaos storms that seem to concentrate in the Huatari are theorized to be linked to the dead god.
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The reason no one has ever returned from the rumored caverns is that the complex is filled with underground chaos storms, warped creatures, and other strange pitfalls.

History & Usage

Cultural Significance and Usage

There are no everyday uses for god's bones. Few have ever even seen a piece of the material. Its rarity assures that there are always adventurers seeking new sites or the elusive entrance to the caverns said to hold the bulk of the corpse. Many existing slivers are hoarded by arcanists and alchemists seeking to unlock unknown powers and properties.   There do exists a small number of weapons and amulets either made from or incorporating bones, but acquiring one is a very expensive endeavor.   The Maajit believe that use of god's bones for anything is sacrilege, though they themselves neither know nor worship the lost god. Some have been known to "reclaim" artifacts made from the material and feed them to the volcano, believing that Agnar Mountainheart safeguards the pieces in order to properly bury the dead when his or her body has been fully returned to the underworld.

Red-brown streaked with opal.
Common State


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