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Deadland Frogmen

Inspired By World Anvil Summer Camp 2021: "An Ethnicity Whose Cultural Exports Are Highly Sought After"

The Deadland Frogmen are an ethnicity of Frogmen that live in the Glow City and the Dark Swamps. Mutated by the radiation caused by the Great explosion. They are now highly intelligent, resistant to poison, their skin produces poison, and are generally smaller compared to other frogmen.   The Deadland Frogmen also produce a highly toxic radioactive poison that forms an excretion on their body. The poison completely ignores natural immunity to poison. Making it a highly sought after poison.


Beauty Ideals

The Frogmen of The Deadlands take pride in their vivid colors. Many homes have waterfalls and a small pond within them. Individuals Dress in elaborate dresses full of bright colors.

Courtship Ideals

The Frogmen of The Deadlands have a complex mating ritual were the males try to attract a mate. The males establish a territory and must be able to defend it during early spring while they try to attract a mate. The males will try to attract mates by making songs of trilling sounds. Then frogs make a small pond on their territory. The eggs are then laid in a gelatinous substance for protection, and between 6 to 12 eggs are laid. For 6 months the male and female will switch between watching and protecting the eggs. When the tadpoles are hatch, they swim up on the males back, where they attach them selves to mucus secretion that the male makes. For an other 3 months the male carries the tadpoles while they develop. Finally the children are "birthed" as small frogs.

Major organizations

All most all of the Deadland Frogmen are sensitive to the Anubian Crystals, thus Frogmen are highly valued and honored to The Church of The Glow making up most of the tacticians of The Knights of The Void.   Often Mother Soudeh leader of the church will select them as members of the Order of The Void. Since this happens often many end up being high ranking members of the order and know of the The Ancient Void Shadow Council.

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