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Photon katana

The Photon Katana, Caniic Longsword, or Energy Sword, is a bladed weapon designed for close quarters melee combat. With its sleek design and deadly capabilities, it has become an essential tool for the Caniic race in their pursuit of martial prowess. Originally a Tigriic weapon, the Caniic have further refined its design by incorporating a photon edge along one side of the blade.   The Photon Katana's main purpose is to excel in melee combat situations, providing the wielder with a versatile weapon capable of delivering devastating strikes. The addition of the photon edge further amplifies the sword's effectiveness, as it harnesses and channels energy to empower each swing. This combination of advanced technology and sharp blade makes it a weapon of choice among Caniic Sword Masters, who have honed their skills to an exceptional level within the Sword Masters Corps. Furthermore, the Photon Katana has been adopted by Tigriic sentries as a standard sidearm, highlighting its practicality and reliability. Its integration into their arsenal speaks volumes about its effectiveness in both offensive and defensive situations. The sleek and ergonomic design not only provides ease of use but also emphasizes the Caniic dedication to merging functionality with aesthetics.

Design details

The photon katana is a sleek and elegant weapon, with a single-edged blade made of a dense alloy that can withstand great force. The blade is about three feet long, with a sharp edge capable of slicing through almost any material with ease. The handle is made of a durable polymer, with a grip designed to fit comfortably in the hands of the Caniic service personnel.   At the base of the blade is an energy emitter which creates a photon edge around the blade. This photon edge amplifies the effect of each swing, allowing it to cut through energy shields and armor with ease – making it a formidable weapon in both close quarters and ranged combat. The emitter also allows for some customization such as elemental effects or other special abilities depending on its configuration.   The photon katana has become popular among Sword Masters Corps personnel due to its versatility and effectiveness in combat, as well as its aesthetic appeal. Its slim profile makes it easy to carry, while its balanced weight provides good balance when attacking or defending. Additionally, its light weight and low maintenance make it suitable for use by Tigriic sentries as their primary sidearm.

Combat capabilities

The photon katana is a deadly melee weapon, capable of cutting through solid objects with ease. When activated, the energized edge of the blade emits a bright blue light that can illuminate even the darkest corners of a battlefield. Because of its versatility and power, the photon katana is highly valued by Caniic Hierarchy Sword Masters Corps and Tigriic Republican Guard sentries alike.   The weapon's design allows for quick, efficient movements, making it perfect for close quarters combat. Its sharp edge and durable construction make it capable of slicing through multiple opponents in one fluid motion, and the photon edge adds an extra level of deadliness to each strike.

Production overview

Manufacturer Golden Helix Armory

Type Melee

In service 342 AD - present


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