The Barrierheart is the source of power for the Great Barrier in Famine. Created and inhabited by the enchanter Malik in Year 126, the stone has the capability to absorb magic from other creatures, items or spells. When this is done the magic is drawn out and added to the barrier's capacity. This in turn expands the barrier's size, as well as the stone's size and mass. The amount of magical energy added is significantly less for temporary enchantments, such as potions or scrolls, as the barrier converts this energy into a more permanent form at a significant loss. The stone is currently about 2 meters wide.   The stone hovers in the air above its resting place in the center of town, the area around it being called Stonesthrow   Prior to the stones creation the barrier had to be maintained by individual mages expending magical energy to keep the barrier up. This proved taxing and exhausting for the the mages, who could do little else with their lives.   During the creation of the stone, it's creator, along with his soul, was unintentionally absorbed into it. This was, in actuality, the piece that Malik's formula was missing. His soul imbued the stone with his consciousness allowing him to keep the magic stored in the stone stable, absorb external magic to increase it power, and to organize said power into the existing structure of the stone. He is able to communicate telepathically to anyone inside the barrier, keeping him informed of the goings on within the city. Some citizens commune with him for advice. He is considered a great source of wisdom due to the fact that he is functionally immortal, over 200 years old, and has learned much from the citizens. He often will work with the Daylight Library to record any information that he has learned for future generations, should something happen to him or the city.   Malik and the stone also serve as a sort of emergency service as well. It is common for citizens to report crimes to him, as well as to use the telepathic connection to call for help when needed.
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