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Thoughts on Kore and its Plot Lines

THIS WHOLE ARTICLE IS SPOILERS FOR AN UPCOMING CAMPAIGN!   This is a brain dump of thoughts and information I'll need to write the articles for Kore and its plot lines. On the journey to my parents for Christmas, my bff and I had a several hour brainstorming session on how the first few plots should go. Now, I need to get all this information down before I forget it.   As a Christmas gift, I'm planning to start a new D&D group, they are going to take a trip to Kore Island and then on to Sakiya Island. They are going to be a foil for my main group for Racing To Find Home, and hopefully the two group will come together towards the end, either in battle or in cooperation. I don't care which. I'll let the PCs decide that.   Anyway, Group 2 (they really need team names), will be starting on Kore Island where they will wake up having been captured by pirates off their ships. The first one awake will be Cobalt, as she is a cleric and will be able to heal the rest of the party. The other three, two PCs and one party NPC (Set Goldfeather), will all be sharing the same cell, though they didn't necessarily start together on the same ship.   I'm planning to start them out at the same level as the PCs from group one to make it fair. I want each group to be close to the same level when they meet up, so that will be interesting.   Kore is a wasteland full of sand, cliffs and mountains. The mountains are rich in gold, silver, and Adana Sihiri crystals. The cliffs have pockets carved out as holding areas. There are three areas of populations, two ports - Badlock and Feywater, and one city - Barpen. The two ports are pretty small, only big enough to support the pirates coming in and out.  Everything is shipped to the city of Barpen.  Barpen is a large city.  The population has a definitive hierarchy.     The hierarchy starts at the top with Horatio Marsh, the King of the Pirates.  His pirate guild and all the pirates are next in line.  They run the island and basically own the two ports.  The city of Barpen is too big for the pirates to run, so Horatio set up the Amuzas. Each Amuzas specializes in one aspect of running the city, from transportation to healing to the city watch and so on.  However the Amuzas don't always get along.   When G2 (Group 2) wakes up in the cell, they hear two of the guard arguing because they kidnapped a girl instead of picking up the girl that was sold to the guild to pay her parents debts.  G2 and the girl were taken to become slaves to the guild and are in holding cells, waiting to be branded.  However, the girl that was actually taken in the youngest child of Amuza "Apothecary - need name" and shouldn't have been touched.   This will give G2 a chance to make a good impression on one of the Amuza and then they will get another quest. BUT first, they will need to make it out of the dungeon.  The dungeon is not only guarded by mercenaries, pirates and amuza guards, but is also guarded by a variety of creatures.  There are a variety of twists, turns, secret doors and traps.  They will need to map out the place (and so will I) to make their way out into the city of Barpen.  This must happen before they are marked as slaves, or they will never be able to make their escape unnoticed.   Cobalt Info
Cobalt as a healer will be most helpful with this.  My bff is playing this character and we are working on her backstory now, even before Session 0.
  Once G2 is out of the dungeon and has taken the girl back to Amuza Apothecary, the Amuza offers them a commission.  The Amuza is being framed.  They are working on an alliance with several other Amuzas.  However, there is a potion being distributed called the Adana Sihiri Potion and it causes an Adana Potion Overdose.  The rumor going around is that the Amuza Apothecary is behind the sell of the Adana Sihiri Potion, but they aren't.  The job if G2 chooses to accept it is to find out where the potion is coming from, stop it from being sold and let Amuza Apothecary know why this is happening.    The conclusion leads them to a meeting with Horatio Marsh, who wants them to track down the potion master of the potion.  They know that the potion master is in Feywater.  Marsh sends gives them use of camels to make it to Feywater and sends them on their way.   Sibling Rivalry
Set Goldenfeather is the older brother of Horus Goldenfeather from G1. Cobalt Tealeaf is the twin sister to Azure Tealeaf from G1. They both have issues with their siblings that I want to address in confrontations in the future. While my bff is playing both Azure and Cobalt in the different groups, E.A. is playing Horus and Set is an NPC as it stands right now.


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