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Secular Magic

Types of Magic

  • Personal Magic - magic that lives inside the mage - Once it is used up, the mage must rest and let it come back. Each mage has a maximum capacity, but they don't start out being able to use that maximum. It's like a muscle, it must to stretched, exercised, and toned until the mage has reached maximum capacity.
  • Ambient Magic - magic that is all around us - Once it is used up, the mage must wait until it has refreshed or go to another area where there is ambient magic. There are areas where ambient magic is higher or lower depending on where the ley lines and confluences are located.
  • Adana Sihiri Magic - magic that is stored in objects - Magic can be stored in different object. How much depends on what the object is made out of and how well crafted the object is. Objects that use lesser materials and have faults will not only hold less magic, but make leak magic as well. Better quality materials and better crafting makes for a better container for stored magic.
  • Ley Lines - lines of powerful magic that cross the lands - Tapping into ley lines can increase a mage's magic abilities, but be careful, it can also cause a mage to burn out.
  • Confluences - ley lines cross over one another and cause a hot spot of magic - Confluences should never be tapped by only one mage, no matter their level. Tapping into a confluence should be done by at least three or more mages depending on how many ley lines are crossing one another.

Mages Power Levels

  1. Archmage
  2. High Mage
  3. Sorcerer/Sorceress
  4. Enchanter/Enchantress
  5. Hedge Witch/Shaman

Stored Magic

Storing Magic
  Mages level Enchanter/Enchantress and above can store magic in objects. These objects can then be used at a later time. Stored magic objects can be made out of any natural items, but the fragility of the items will cause problems with their use. The mage can fill a leaf with magic, but it won't hold much or for very long. The best items to hold magic are (in this order) Mage Crystals, Metal and Wood. Different types of mage crystals, metals and woods are better than others.  
Using Stored Magic
  Mages Enchanter/Enchantress and above can use stored magic, though most Enchanters and Enchantress cannot use Elesa and Modro Crystals.  
  Some Hedge Witches and Shamans can store and use stored magic, when they are dealing with plants. Especially plants that they have an affinity for.

Adana Sihiri Crystals

Elesa Crystal
Modro Crystal
Piros Crystal
Zelena Crystal
Jon Crystal


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