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Winstale is the capital of the Carawand Monarchy. It was first founded by the ancestors of the Dove family and have been ruling ever since. This port city is one of the most frequented by traders and sailors.


61.1% Wolvan: 341,072     28.1% Human: 156,859     5.5% Otterain: 30,703     3.0% Aravitourus: 16,746     1.2% Elf: 6,698     .2% Other: 1,118


As its the capital, the local area is directly controlled by the Dove family as they have for centuries.


The city relies on their walls to prevent invasion along with their plumping system. Moats wrap the city and act as a defense system that can raise of lower the water to disrupt attacks.

Industry & Trade

While not a hub of trade, they would process ores and grind grain into flour. The city is centered around the distribution of ideas and inventions.


The low elevation and marshes have allowed windmills to be constructed along the coast to keep the water level low enough to avoid flooding. Of course, the usual set of facilities are here like other coastal cities such as roads, shipyard, docks, trade offices, etc.


This is the home of the Artis Scientia Exchange and as such some of the brightest minds live here.


The city was build on a large section of elevated terrain near the coast. Marshes surround the city with ocean close by.
While not as impressive as Aulus, but it is one of the few cities that are quite impressive.
— Archivist Renna
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