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The Horus Arcane Arts

The Horus Arcane Arts a school to teach the arcane arts. With multiple branches throughout the continent, this is the main source of arcane study other then The Academy. They teach many who can wield life magic as well as lunar and solar magics in certain branches.


The schools were built to bring in students from all over to study magic. They accomplish this by having the School of Mastery, the head branch among all others were masters of the arcane arts study and teach only the finest. This branch is lead by the Greatmaster who runs the branch as well as conducts the other branches with various polices between each other. In each branch their are professors that each and study magic to the students across all Branch. Each branch specializes in certain topics with each run by a Headmaster.   Rankings
  1. Greatmaster
  2. Headmaster
  3. Master Professor
  4. Professor
  5. Advanced Student
  6. Student
  7. Associate
  Students are recruited by having them pay for entry and a yearly bill to continue study. They start at the level of associate and until they pass their Mastery exams they can no proceed higher up to receive the title of wizard.

Public Agenda

They are very straight forward. their goals involve find a profitable way to continue magical research that is easy and does not take away from study. This created the school to teach in a field that allows for more minds to join them by having them pay to join. They are not very noble.


The schools has most of all wizards under their influence. Most have studied their or are currently studying there. Magic is in their name and being in their good graces is a necessity if you need their assistance.

Magic is to be mastered by you

They are con-artists. Sure they train the majority of the magic users of the continent, they have caused so many disasters that they have no respect for the natural world and the people in it. Magic is very delicate and with one wrong move can spell doom to many.
— Assistant Avani
Founding Date
Education, Magic
Alternative Names
Horus's School of Magic
Horus Wizards
Related Professions

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