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Pella Soarna

The religion centered around The Union of Pellamulara.


The religion is generally run by the Meunrana for life. The Meunrana is exclusively male and above the age of 40. He is treated as not a god, but as the chosen speaker. His rule is law to all their followers along with the inner clergy.   He or she acts as a dictator over the country with five elected officials governing the five states. These officials called Bishops of Terra are elected by the people, but the Pella Soarna provide the only candidates. Under them are Low Bishops which are mayors or members of the clergy.

Public Agenda

These people believe that The Union of Pellamulara were divine beings sent to defeat the cursed creature known as Dantus. Their goal is to spread and worship these people and their accomplishments.


After Dantus's defeat, the people around the world celebrated their victory. Dantus was such a powerful being that no one let alone a small group could defeat him and his guards. This was such an impossible event that it became possible for only these people. Quickly people began to see them as gods in their own right. This resulted in the Pella Soarna being formed to ensure practices fell under what they wished. Several of the members of the union condemned this, but their faith was strong. Even after the union fell apart, they stayed active to this day with very little reform.
Religious, Organised Religion

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