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Aulun Identification Pass

Aulun Identification Pass is a small booklet or sheet that has personal information of a single Imperium citizen. It's mainly used to prevent access to certain locations and regions while also organizing the citizens into groups.  




Name: The name of the individual   Species: The physical body composition.   Classification: The societal ranking given by the Imperium by their species and their social credit. Ranking ranges from Primary to Fallen and S to E. S is generally wealthier and more influential people while E is poorer.   Sex: The individual's reproductive functions.   Age: How long the individual has been alive.   Weight: The weight of the individual.   Height: The height of the individual.   Affinity: The individual's connection to the Celestial magics.   Magical: Listed if the Individual has magical prowess in the Arcane and/or elemental magics.   Profession: The individual's job chosen by the individual.   Region: The individual's geographic home. Generally picked based on where the papers were requested.   Ethnicity: The individual's cultural heritage.   Primary Language: The individual's first fluent language.   Secondary Language: The individual's other languages.


The Aulus Imperium is so large and vast that travel between territories needs to be monitored and controlled. As a result, Aulun Identification Pass was created to give citizens proper paperwork and allows for easy identification in urban and travel settings.

Document Structure

Legal status

Under The Law of Protected Travel, its required for all citizens to have this paperwork in order to travel within the Imperium or perform government jobs.
These have been a great help as well as a tremendous burden. How demographic information has never been this accurate. It allows for more accurate decisions to be made. However, you can't move around the country without them and getting a new one is a nightmare.
— Archivist Renna
Identification, Civil (Passport/ID Card)
Signatories (Organizations)

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