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Letter to Mael

I have done it, Toru! I have finally translated Fyut'a's letter. I'm enclosing both for your review. Yours truly, G'doran Itu
Wëk palnëen Mael,   No lëfen uf měngam nowtël. Mën pëch chëf won tuf chem ěl. Këp won fukcho chě kungtepiw tuf chem chëf nishpatam ko luneo chënchem lěshom narëm mip mip wechěrma uf lě. Lěshom lëwen penokcham chënchem, ru těnʻuk chëf tomrëm ko wëk ale chu Kong Rach Nulpëlwěniw chëf Yesod wash pëw. Wilfě ufiw im mengam lëfen ko kë.   Kěf něng mingam pëch kupawom. Ru nu něng lung.   Nu nol fět wan kěf ěwen pëch no lomam. Lë fëměf kungtep Orx chëf unom, kěf rew Da’At chëf lunʻěkom, ru pëch maul fětrang Fele Nulpëlwěniw chëf kět weshum. Maul fif kara lë fëměf ëfshom ru Kong Rach Nulpëlwěniw chëf Yesod mik pëch Malkuth, rëtroch, no changam. Wan pëch kat mik ko Gendo chěshěw chěnglěchiw kat nowuk tëngměngaěkëch chëf mik, wëk tangrokich tuchu ru rop. Nu mën nol ko mën wil tum, ru mën wil tum. Ruw uf nëfë mengam ru ufiw piliw no mengěf. Ufiw im mengam lëfen ko kë.   Kěf něng mingam pëch osh umam ru pëch pěp wět piliw mëm. Ru nu něng lung.   Lumaw leftëmiw wëk mongrëltě pi chongam. Nu leftëm tëk kět lam ucho. Tëk wëk tam kět fon. Mu apwë lě lëtěf chě a rafě wëk eyes pëw těken mëngiw no a. Nu kup, nu leftëm këchěf. Kup mën paʻaf washko uf ë kara.   Nu měngam tep.   Wilfě wëk kupawo,
fëp, ru nilen. Nu něng ropěf.
    My Beloved Mael,  
It has been another beautiful day today. It reminds me of us after making love. The air around us filled with the smells of our sexing like freshly squeezed lemonade on a hot summer day. Lemons being squeezed to a bloody pulp, wrung of their juices like my body when the Onyx Winds of Yesod pass over. All the days here were beautiful like this.
  You said you loved me. And I believed you.  
I remember they told you to harm me. Your fear tasting of the stench of Orx, you spoke words of Da’At, and encased me in the perfect prism of the Silver Winds. Perfect except for where your fear lingered and allowed the Onyx Winds to pull me towards Malkuth, the Void. Pull at me like the vultures of Gendo pull at the intestines of those left to die, yanking and corroding my existence. I remember it like it was yesterday, and it was yesterday. As was the day before and will be the days to come. All the days were like this.
  You said you wanted to protect me and would come back for me. And I believed you.  
The tears have carved fissures down my face. I saw a fissure opening in the sky. The sky is exploding in my head. I'm going to go lie on the couch with a towel over my eyes to catch the brainy bits. Then perhaps, I shall seek this fissure. Perhaps it knows where the real tomorrow is?
  I was a fool.   All my love,
hate, and despair. I will destroy you.
This letter was found in the waters between Fulira and Imnnocan's Wound. Written in The Tongue of the Tětshëian, the language of the Sea Elves. It was translated by G'doran Itu. There is a great deal of debate regarding the letter's intended recipient. Many believe it was the Iron Forged Abbot, Mael Reiss. Others are far more interested in discovering who Fyut'a is.

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