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The Red Trader

Iosio claimed to be a lost soul from Terria and made trading its trade, as trader from the Mirror Wars and traded exclusively with the Madilar during that war. Fact or Fiction, no one can deny that Iosio has been around for a very long time and been very successful in the trading business.   Iosio has always been busty maintaining his luxurious and decadent live, and by prolonging it as long as possible. Iosio likes the thrill of political intrigue, annoying nobles, and politicians alike.   Although Iosio is a way out for its own behave, he has been shown streaks of compassion. Recently he befriended a Human Blacksmith named Eimen Ironheart.  
NE Medium Tiefling
Feats Sociable, Persuasive, Skill Focus (Sense Motive/Bluff)
Skills Appraise +8, Bluff +15, Diplomacy +12, Sense Motive +15, Knowledge (Arcana/Local/History/Nobility) +6
Languages Common, Madilar, Abyssal, Elven and Halfling
Current Location

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Cover image: World Anvil Banner - Imarand: The Twin Worlds by Martijn Donker


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