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The halfling race leads a semi-nomadic life as gypsies and traders. Those who seek the thrill of the city thrive well in the human communities. Their love for travel, trade and tricks have led to a new saying on the twin worlds: "There is no item that a halfling merchant can't get, but always wonder where he got it from".
The halflings that travel about shroud themselves in an aura of mystery, surviving in the wilderness where any other race would find certain death. Their fortune telling is eerily accurate and many of their guests try fruitlessly to escape the fate foretold by a gypsy halfling.
Above all, their halfling curiosity drives them to travel and seek out new places and experiences.
Play a halfling if you want…
  • to be a curious traveler who loves being on the road.
  • to be part of a mystic society of gypsies, vagabonds and cunning merchants.
  • to be a member of a race that favors the bard, oracle and rogue classes.
Languages: Common, Halfling
Favored Regions: Nomadic
Favored Religions: Bayrion, Ionia, Leticia, the element of Air and the Kindred Spirits
Female Names: Berlia, Callie, Gilda, Hanna, Litha, Verna
Male Names: Anders, Corrin, Garret, Meridoc, Rinlo, Willy
Appearance: Halflings rise to a humble height of 3 feet. They prefer to walk barefoot, causing rough calluses to grow on the soles of their feet and tufts of thick, curly hair to warm their toes. Their skin tends towards a rich almond color and light shades of brown are a common hair color for halflings. Their ears are pointed but are proportionately not much larger than those of a human.

Common Races

Genetic Ancestor(s)

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Cover image: World Anvil Banner - Imarand: The Twin Worlds by Martijn Donker


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